I am living the life I want!

Can you say that you are living the life you’ve always wanted, imagined, planned for and desired? Most people cannot honestly say that they are living the life they desire. And that makes me sad. Why? Because life is too short to be living less than an exceptional life.

Sure, “things happen” I hear you say, BUT if you are not creating the life you really want, then who will? There is little point watching “everyone else” live the life they are wanting, if you are just on the sidelines wishing and dreaming. Allowing circumstances to dictate your life to you will get you nowhere except depressed. The difference between the wishers & dreamers and the ones actually living the life of their dreams, is that they have taken action!

“ACTION turns your dreams into reality”




Action is the one thing that is simple and yet seems so difficult at the same time. So here are my steps to taking action:

1. Start writing a list of what you want

What you do with your life if money was no problem? Imagine you have won $100 million in the lottery. Give yourself permission to dream for 2 mins (set your phone timer) and just think about what you would do with yourself if money was no option! Make the list as audacious as possible, and don’t let your rational mind (the monkey mind) start to tell you that you are being ridiculous. Then after you buy all the “stuff” that you ‘think’ you need (like cars, houses, round the world holiday, give money to family etc) – write down what you would do with your life from then on.
For example; would you sit on a beach for the rest of your life? Would you travel to third world countries and volunteer? Would you start a hobby/biz? Would you work in an industry you have always wanted to? Would you go to Uni and get that law degree you always wished you had time to do? Would you teach fitness to oldies in nursing homes? Would you bake cookies? Would you be the person who offers free sunscreen spray on the beach on the Gold Coast?

The list you write will be very revealing to what it is that is actually inside you busting to get out!

2. Vision Board Creation

This is my favourite thing to do. When I am feeling like I need a change in my life I set aside about 4 hrs to create my Vision Board and then I enjoy the process of ‘feeling’ my dreaming. This step is important because when you start to get pictures of things you want to have or do in your life, then you can tap into the feeling sensations of actually what it would be like to experience these things. You may be surprised at how strong your feelings can be when you imagine having what you are wanting. But you may also be surprised when you are imagining what you “think” you want, and realise you don’t actually like the feeling of it! This will quickly help you to realise what is truly important to you and what actually is just a low level “want”. I call this being in your Zone of Desire. That place where the internal and real you starts to bubble to the surface. You will realise your higher level “wanting” and then begin to understand what your life purpose is.

Vision-BoardSo how do you start to get into that feeling space?
My suggestion is to select images of things that you want. I prefer to use magazines but more and more I will create collages on my laptop or phone – you can search millions of images online, making it easier to get EXACTLY the right image for what you are wanting. From here you take one pic at a time look at it, take in everything you can from that pic and then close your eyes. Take a deep breath in, and then imagine what it would be like to have or do what is pictured in the image you are holding. Notice what is around you. Notice WHO is around you. Notice the emotion and see if you can name it. Then see if you can feel the area in your body you are feeling the emotion most intensely. Don’t worry if this seems difficult at first. Just keep going through the process with each image you have chosen and you will gradually start to develop this feeling sense

3. Reinforce your Vision Board with positive affirmations

You have probably practiced affirmations before, you may have read books or been to workshops and you may have decided “they don’t work” for you. LOL! How can speaking positively over your life not work for you? Look at it from a different angle: don’t speak the words to GET something, speak the words to LIVE something. Still confused? By speaking words of LIFE over yourself, (“My future is bright”, “I create my own reality” etc), rather than DEATH (“I never get what I want”, “I am always going to be poor”, “I will never have the relationship I want” etc) you create a doorway for positivity to walk through. BUT, you are never going to get what you want while you are still speaking negatively. It just doesn’t work that way, because negativity creates a block.

So here is your mission. Place you Vision Board in a prominent position in your home/workplace. Whenever you look at your Vision Board you instantly remember how good it felt to imagine having everything you see on the board. Remember the five senses being activated, and how excited you felt when you placed yourself into receiving what you are wanting. Then repeat this: “These things, or greater I have received”.

If you do this every day when you look at the Board you will soon start to see your life changing in the smallest – and sometimes the largest – of ways.

4. Mindset:

In my opinion it is always about mindset. Your life is going the way you have chosen in your mind to perceive it, and only YOU can change how you perceive it. If you believe that there is a limited supply of happiness, or abundance in the world, then guess what? You wont be receiving what you are wanting. But if you believe that life is what you make of it, that things continually work out for you, then your perception of the world will be different. Who would you rather be: Moody Megan and Pessimistic Peter, or Optimistic Olivia and Thankful Terry? Begin repeating your affirmation every day (prob more than once a day you will see your Board) and if you have even a small doubt trying to creep in like “I am never going to have that car”, then SMASH this negativity by repeating your affirmation three times to negate it! Your focus is that you will have what you are wanting, this or greater, and that YOU get to create the life you desire – no one else!

When I first started using Vision Boards I was often disillusioned by not getting what I pasted on my board quick enough. But I soon learned that “what you focus on, you become” and if I was focusing on happiness, excitement, love, beautiful things and experiences, then my life soon gave me these things – just not necessarily in the way I had imagined. I have a pic of a BMW X5 on my Board. Do I have it? Not yet!! But I know this isn’t about the car necessarily, more about the fact that I need a car that is SAFE, can fit all my kids and drives safely and feels comfortable. I currently drive a Territory – isn’t that all these things? So I say “thank you for my Territory” knowing that I will get a new car when it is the right time financially. Learning to be appreciative in the waiting is very important.

I will be writing more about Gratitude over the coming weeks. But for now, just be thankful for the house you have, the holidays you have been on, the clothes in your cupboard, the car you drive, the jewelry you own, the money you have, the health in your body, the people who love you. The rest will come, in the way it is meant to, in perfect timing, when you learn to identify what you WANT and combine your MINDSET to line up with it.

If you are in Sydney you are invited to practice getting in to the right mindset and learn what your core values are and how to line them up with what you are wanting. This workshop will give you the tools to create the life you desire.

Saturday 9 April 2.30pm-4.30pm
Cost: $97pp

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