Belle Flowers

Dip Remedial Massage (ECNT), Dip Applied Social Science Counselling (ACAP), Emotion Code & Body Code certified practitioner, Reiki Master/Practitioner, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy( Lvl1), Past Life Regression, doTERRA Platinum Leader & Yoga/Meditation teacher, Mind-Body Wellness Coach.
Health Fund Receipts:available for remedial massage
NDIS, workers comp.

Belle brings a unique combination of specialised, individual care, with over twenty years experience working as a remedial massage therapist with a core focus on identifying the physical manifestation of the emotional/mental body. Belle’s treatment is a whole-person approach to addressing aches, pains and chronic conditions, and working to identify the underlying emotional/mental cause of the issue/problem and empowering women to take back control of their health and life in general. Most of Belle’s clients come to see her when they have “tried everything else” and they are surprised to realise that once the energetic imbalance is released their physical body can find health and ease again.

My focus has expanded from simply massage, to guide, support and facilitate healing to women who are stressed out, burned out, overwhelmed, fearful, over it and wanting – NEEDING – a better, more vibrant and purposeful life. I use energetic healing, energy medicine and of course massage therapy to help bring peace and calm to the body. Using my techniques I can identify and release the emotional blocks holding women back from being the best version of themselves that they can be. My appointments are “more than just massage”, but address the very core of the issue, bringing true back into your life.

As a mother of three, Belle knows first hand what it feels like both physically & emotionally to be pregnant or in the post-natal period. The fear of the unknown, the belief systems, the constant barrage of info in the media and social media, plus our own in-built programming about what motherhood looks like, can be a real strain on a young mum.

Juggling work, family, relationships & self can be tough. Belle believes that it is almost universal that western women everywhere come to place of realisation that rearing children, navigating a marriage or partnership or divorce and re-partnering can zap you of energy, inspiration and a true sense of self. This can lead to feeling un-grounded, a bit lost and uninspired.

Belle has been through the mill in 2016 by falling ill for months with glandular fever. Which eventually became chronic fatigue. During her worst weeks it was too hard for to even wash her hair! Going from a busy GO GO GO type mum/biz owner, to being in bed for weeks at a time, was a mental battle. The one thing that kept her going – even when her mood was very low – was her unwavering belief that every illness has a lesson to teach you, and that any and ALL conditions can be healed or improved in a myriad of ways…provided you address the mind/body connection (using Emotion Code and Body Code / energy healing / energy medicine and listening to your intuition).

Being able to use her toolkit of mind/body therapy she used meditations, healing techniques, gentle (so gentle) yoga and mindset strategies, as well as her beloved doTERRA essential oils to slowly and surely rebuild her body, mind and spirit.

And she can help you too. Her Wellness consultations are illuminating, relaxing and an amazing journey into self discovery. 

Belle as featured in the Sutherland Shire St George Leader: ‘Nurturing Women’s Body & Soul

Belle’s availability: Mon – Sat by appointment. After hours times available.