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Belle Flowers Hibbins - Women's wellness coachBelle Flowers

Remedial Massage Therapy, Adv Dip Counseling, Reiki Master / Teacher. Ashati/Alsemia energy healing, Emotion Code and Body Code Certified, 200hr yoga teacher Holy Yoga, women’s circle facilitator, Cert IV Trainer.

Belle began her healing career in the USA studying Shaitsu in 1997. From there she has continued to live a life of education, personal growth and empowerment. From self work to leading a team, Belle has always been motivated to support women in all stages of life and health.

She soon realised the massive emotional, physical and financial demands on a new mother. It was during these years as a nanny that she trained as a massage therapist and her passion for working with new mums was born.

As Belle has grown personally and undertaken more training in various modalities, so too has her clinic vision. From Starting off in Perinatal wellness, she was the first to introduce the Belly-hole technique for her pregnant clients. The clinic has now expanded into a wellness clinic for women who want more from their lives.

The Belle Flowers Clinic is for women who are smart, strong, intuitive. They  know that receiving care and guidance and being in community with other like-minded women which is a major part of their soul journey to freedom and exceptional health.

Belle is a gifted and intuitive healer, and her Wise Woman Program is the culmination of twenty years of clinical practice and experience, formed into a self-led healing program for women who want to be empowered, inspired and confident.

She connected the dots, learning that a woman’s general aches and pains, can be erased by treating the WHOLE person – mind, body, emotions. Belle helps women re-awaken their inner wisdom – their Wise Woman – so they are empowered to heal themselves.

The Wise Woman Program is run on a 1:1 personal basis, which includes healing sessions, plus self-guided online components to truly support each woman between in-person sessions.

Belle is now known as the Shire’s expert in pregnancy massage, using proven techniques and methods that help release pain in both the physical and emotional body. Her signature massage approach for pregnant women has been taught to each of her staff members.

You can be assured of expert understanding and knowledge of the unique concerns of the pregnant body in all trimesters, including after baby is born. All staff performing massage in the clinic are trained and supported by Belle in her signature pregnancy, induction and post natal styles.

An appointment with Belle is much more than just pampering. It is soul supporting and exceptionally healing – founded on the healing principle of “women supporting women” – drawing on age-old wisdom and cutting edge quantum energy theory.

Each massage, healing session, clinical therapy or class,
has a truly holistic approach for each client who is welcomed into the space.