Belle offers Spiritual healing and counselling as a unique approach.
Combining talking therapy with the releasing and resolving of trapped emotional energy, so you stop repeating patterns. For good.

Counselling needs to be more than just “venting” and “dumping your stuff” each week. It takes more than just talking to feel better permanently.

Maybe you have tried conventional counselling or “talking therapy” before with a psych or a traditional counsellor?
Perhaps you have had some success?

However after a while, the stress creeps back in, and you find your anxiety level rises again?

What you really need is to learn how to master your emotions in times of crisis or challenge – but you can’t because the emotions seem to take over and overwhelm you.

Maybe you have seen yourself repeating the same patterns over and over in love, career or outlook on life?
Maybe you have been on the same cycle over and over again in your life – feeling good, then feeling anxious, feeling better, then feeling anxious again…..until you seem to hit rock bottom and feel despair and depression. Then through your utter tenacity and strength you find your way out, only to fall back into the cycle again which makes you feel even worse……will life ever feel good to you?


It’s not your fault you are in this cycle. You have been doing the best you can with the tools being offered to you. However you can see that they don’t end the cycles, they just shut them down for a while.

My approach to holistic counselling is to identify the core BELIEFS and LIMITING THOUGHTS that keep you locked in a pattern.
We do this through talking, me asking a lot of questions, perhaps I will even “poke the bear” a little (it’s true, I may give you a nudge to see what your triggers are) before we get to the actual healing.

ONCE we have identified some key issues, I can then work with you in the energy healing space to help release you of this.
My sessions are deeply revealing and leave you feeling more balanced and grounded – and ultimately more aware of yourself.
From this place you regain your ability to see things in a compassionate light, and to be your own guide and healer.


I woke up the day after and had NO anxiety!! I feel calmer and can think without brain fog!

Thankyou for the amazing session.
I can’t wait for the next one!

(Evie – chronic anxiety, feeling flat and confused about decisions she needs to make)

Initial sessions are 2hrs in length, thereafter you can choose from 2hrs or 1.5hr. This gives plenty of time for me to truly understand you story and to then move you into the sacred healing space for your higher self to release what isn’t serving you anymore.

If you have been to counselling or therapy before and want to get to the bottom of your issues, to learn how to think in a different way, to explore the effect of trapped emotional energy and to finally be free from it, then I encourage you to begin your spiritual counselling journey with me today.

I offer one-off sessions 2hrs $250, OR you can save up to 20% off session pricing when you book 3 or more sessions.

True and lasting change comes from investing in yourself and giving yourself enough time to assimilate your learnings.
Ask me for more info at your session on how to save money.