QHHT / Past Life Regression

Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHHT) Therapy is a ground breaking technique that allows the person to access the past in order to learn the lesson for the present life. Journeying into a past life can offer incredible insight into the patterns you are repeating, and will help you to end the pattern forever.

Energy blocks, thought blocks and belief blocks can all be released using this powerful – yet easy to follow technique.
In doing so, your body can heal itself on all levels – physical, emotional and mental.

This is MUCH more than finding out who you were in a past life – this is energy healing on the quantum plane – meaning you will meet and be guided by your higher self.

It is supportive, healing and allows each person to truly receive the guidance and help they are needing to move to the next step in their lives. Usually only 1 session is needed to find the answers for which you are seeking.

How long is a session?

It is usually around 3-4hrs…WHOAH yep, you read that right!
This is because we need to do some discovery and investigation work before going into a regression. This is where I get a good understanding of what it is you are seeking support with. 
I also do a phone call with you before your session, and get you to fill out an info sheet prior to your appointment.
Don’t worry – you can take a toilet break and eat something if you are hungry!
Most people say that the time goes really fast and they can’t believe they were there that long!
When you come out of the journey you will feel blown away by what you have seen and felt, but also feel really refreshed and relaxed.

So were you a royal or a peasant? 
Did you create incredible artworks or dig the soil as a farmer?

No matter what you were and what you experienced in your past lives you will ALWAYS learn incredibly simple truths and have light bulb moments that will make you feel stronger, clearer and more content in your current life. 

Are you ready?

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A space of openness. A space of trusting and support to just let go and be.
Safe space to fully surrender with so much love and support working together in harmony taking so much comfort in your intuition and guidance ❤️❤️❤️