Reiki is a universal energy healing practice that came to the west from a Japanese medical practitioner and spiritual healer Mikao Usui. Since 1922 Reiki healing has been gaining popularity as a hands-off or on energy healing technique suitable for anyone from young to old.

The benefits of Reiki are primarily centred around recovering the body to balance and allowing deep rest. From a place of rest the body is better supported to heal itself, reduce pain and increase the speed of healing.

Benefits of Reiki

reduction in pain sensation
lowers stress levels
improves sense of clarity
increases awareness of body
increases intuitive abilities
supportive during chronic illness, or post illness recovery
connection to spiritual aspects of self

Reiki reduces heart rate

Reiki reduces sensation of pain

What happens in a Reiki Healing Session?

In a one hour healing you will lay comfortably while Belle holds her hands slightly away from your body, or sometimes on your body.

Belle places her hands around the area of the main energy centres of the body – called chakras. She will hold her hands there for approximately 3-5mins.
Belle is also a channel and will create sacred space with your guides and also angelic guardians and ascended masters. You will feel supported and held in this space energetically.

Belle grounds energies and releases trapped emotions of the client as their higher self directs energy to be released.
Expect to feel very relaxed, lighter and more peaceful during and after your healing.

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