The Power of Positive Mind Set

Do you want to expand, change, move, grow – but feel stuck / scared / shy / unworthy / not good enough / not skilled enough ?

Do you have dreams you long to fulfill, but don’t know where to start? 

Do you know how to CREATE CHANGE in your life?

Here’s my top 5 tips for CREATING CHANGE in your thought-life and making 2016 the BEST year of your life:


1. Surround yourself with positive people -if you want to CHANGE your life, you need to ensure you have “change-agents” around you. Have you heard the saying “birds of a feather flock together”? Well who do you want to flock with?  Positive people INSPIRE you, want the BEST for you and they don’t get caught up in low-level vibrations like gossip or bitchiness. These people are your supporters, your cheer squad and they ALWAYS make you feel better when you leave them.
But remember that just by surrounding yourself with positive people isn’t enough, you need to practice saying and thinking positive things every day….
2. Speak words of encouragement over yourself for 2mins every day – find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed or feel self conscious, and set your phone timer for 2mins. Then take a deep breath in, and for the next 2 minutes ONLY speak out loud sentences that start with “I am” or “I have”. Each sentence will be positive and will take you to the next sentence, eg: “I am worthy of success”….”I have the most satisfying job in the world”….”I am a wonderful person”….”I have loyal and supportive friends”….and so on.
Be AUDACIOUS in your words. Say whatever comes to mind – even if you dont’t believe it is true (yet!). You are re-writing your subconscious thoughts, with your SPOKEN WORD (you HAVE to say it out loud.). Each day you will feel more and more comfortable doing this, so persevere and enjoy these 2mins of self love!
But simply saying these things isn’t enough, you need to get into your head all the wonderful things you ALREADY have in your life….
3. Keep a gratitude journal – my amazing biz coach ( taught me this easy technique and it has been an awesome reminder of all the GOOD things in my life. You can write for hours or just 3 things each day that you are THANKFUL for and it will make a HUGE difference in how you view your life. If there is something you need (like a bigger car, or a house without mould) then be sure to be thankful for the car and house you do have first!). Practicing gratitude has been shown by researchers to lift mood and create a more healthful body.
It’s a Win/Win.
4. Celebrate small successes along the way – I think this one ties in with being THANKFUL….because when you are reminding yourself daily about the things you are grateful for, then you can see the small successes and you can see your PROGRESS more clearly. Be sure to take a moment and pat yourself on the back, or say a prayer of thanks (whatever floats your boat) and mark the occasion with a moment of silence (or a glass of champagne!)
But remember that all this movement requires a balance of stillness as well…..
5. Meditate daily for 3-5mins – it’s a well known (and researched) fact that meditation helps to reduce stress and overwhelm, helps to create peace from the centre of your being, and helps you view the world differelty. Enough said really. There are plenty of meditation classes / books / schools and Apps you can get to help you along the way. My favourite way to meditate is to focus on breathing in to the count of 4, and then breathing out to the count of 5. I do this as I count back from 20, or 40 or 50. If I lose track I go back to the start.
Meditation is all about taking authority over the mind (which in my opinion is like a willful 3 year old child!) and practicing with gentleness and kindness. Some days I am really good at it, other days I am not – instead of berating myself (or giving up entirely), I simply end the practice and make a choice to try again the next day.
Change happens over time – rarely overnight. So be KIND, be PATIENT, be LOVING to yourself along the way. 

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