Belle’s Isagenix Body Transformation

My transformationMy Isagenix Goals:

My goal with starting Isagenix was to lose body fat around my mid-section – you can see my physical changes in the pics above. I began my body transformation in July 2015, little did I realise that it would transform my mind and my thinking as well. After being on the Isagenix clean eating program for five months at the writing of this post, I have finally found a new respect for my body and for me as a person. I am enjoying the increased energy I have, the brain clarity, and my new leaner and stronger body.

Each month brought a new self-realisation for me to acknowledge and accept myself, and what began as a quest to “lose weight”, saw me gaining self confidence, self awareness and the abiity to let go of more than just fat.

To go from a woman who would yawn her way thru the afternoon, and struggle to pull herself from the couch to cook dinner each evening, to a woman bursting with energy, waking with the sun most mornings, and having the clarity of mind to continue studying well into the evening – it is a miracle.

The Program:

Isagenix has not been a “quick fix” or a “simple solution” for me – even though the program is simple enough: drink 2 protein smoothies per day, choose high protein snacks and enjoy a 400-600 calorie meal once per day.
PLUS Cleanse the body for 24hrs one day per week to help boost metabolism and give my digestive system a rest.

The reason it wasn’t “easy” is because I have a long and committed history around negative associations with food. For me food has been a comfort, a reward, a punishment, a safety, a security and a refuge. Isagenix has helped balance my body’s hormones to a point where I rarely crave chocolate or ice cream, and if I do eat them I don’t feel very good afterwards. Eating well has become a priority to me, rather than eating really expensive and indulgent chocolate! The program has given me the nutrition to physically beat the bad habits, while I release the mental self sabotage that goes along with my eating. This takes time – and I wouldn’t say I am “fixed” yet, but I am well on the way to where I want to be.

Most people I know have trouble doing Cleanse Days and I am no exception. The idea of depriving myself of food really scared me, because I had an irrational fear that not eating for 24hrs equalled dying of starvation.  However the support from my Sponsor and the Isagenix online community helped me make it thru my first one – and the next and the next. Just knowing there are so many people on Facebook groups ready and willing to support me is amazing. It has defnitely been a part of my success. Now I look forward to Cleanse days, especially after the holiday season or a particularly big night (YES you can still indulge occaisionally whilst on the program, the beauty of it is, you won’t indulge nearly as much as you used to!).

me meditating
Are YOU ready for change this year?

This is the most important question you may be asked. The answer you give will determine if you are going to smash the program or succumb to another round of self defeating thoughts and habits.
The Isagenix program will nourish your body, detox you gently at a cellular level, improve your energy and increase mental clarity. Everyone knows your weight is governed by 80% of what you eat and 20% of how you move. The easy part is ordering your first 30 Day Nutritional Cleanse System, the harder part is allowing yourself the opportunity to really give it a go.

contact me today and get ready to see massive changes in your body and mind 

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