Soul Care: calling yourself home

If you are out of alignment, struggling with self care, unsure of your purpose, feel uncomfortable in your own skin, then this blog may help you….

When it comes to Soul Care, I am uncovering more about what this actually means with each day that I breathe. Soul care is the act of conscious listening to the inner sanctuary and conscious alignment with source.

Soul care to me, also means that I am in touch with all the aspects of myself that I have – even the ones I don’t want to admit to having. The ones that I reject of myself on a daily basis, and even the ones that I suppress and pretend arent’ there. And there are a lot of aspects that I pretend aren’t there, or would be happier knowing they weren’t there!

I didn’t know how far I had travelled away from myself, and how long and arduous the journey home would become until I began. And I didn’t even mean to begin. It happened organically and when I was in perfect timing to receive the messages and guidance that is always available and waiting for me to pick up on.

The path to a spiritual life is always an adventure, and I have always been a seeker of spiritual things, of truth, of divine learnings. I remember from the first book I read – “The Celestine Prophecy” and the learning of energy and how you can “see” it….to the many nights with a bottle of wine and some introspective friends sitting by a fire side, debating the meaning of all that is.
How did I get on this path of Soul Care though?

Quite by accident really – although is there ever an accident or coincidence in the universal realm (I no think so!)
I didn’t know that six years ago as I began using essential oils for my clinic clients, that I would be journeying home to self. I had a doTERRA rep come to see me – to “sell” me oils, and cos I thought she was so lovely I chose to get some pretty cool looking oils to stand on my clinic shelf lookin’ all sexy and alluring, with the hope that I might boost some more sales. (forgive me, I wanted to increase profit, not Soul Care!)

But when I first smelled the Serenity blend she wafted under my nose I thought “I must have this”. I began to use it on a LOT of clients, who also purred when they smelled it and declared “Give me some!” And as I used it on them, I was also using it on myself, aligning myself and healing myself at the same time (and still I didn’t know it).

However I LOATHED the smell of pure Lavender on its own. It stunk so bad to me, “get away from me oh ye filthy oil of excrement”! I declared.
Same for Geranium! Oh poo. But I would use Geranium for many clients as it is so wonderful for our feminine cycle and is a feature in birthing blends that I create.
But one oil that I would diffuse in the clinic and at home, and wear as a perfume was Bergamot – that delicious citrusy, earl grey tea flavouring – well…give me all of it!!!!

So it would be fair to say I had a love-hate relationship with some of the oils. It was polarised for me – either I LOVED or DESPISED their aroma.

As I learned more about emotional healing thru my energy work and as I learned more about oils and their effect on emotions I came to understand that the oils I was oppositional to, were the ones my body was out of alignment with.

You see, from my perspective, why on earth would you have a repulsion so strongly to an aroma that comes from a plant?

Plants have incredible healing properties, some are known and some are unknown to us. They are multicellular and have thousand times more chromosomes than what we have as humans (46 humans compared to 1260 in a fern!!!) Being complex structures they have incredible magick housed inside their green stems and colourful flowers that medicine women have known since the beginning of time. As a woman who is coming back to self, I was tapping into this wise magick that is in the blood lines of every woman on this earth, as she gently weaves herself back to harmony with herself.

Lavender was teaching me how to re-connect with my inner wise woman, to release the energy strands of self loathing and hatred, of cutting myself off from infinite supply. Lavender was helping me to resurrect my ability to communicate with the essence of my true nature, by delicately and gently helping me to love that aspect of myself again. However it was disguised to me in the Serenity blend – which has a base of lavender with sandalwood – which I used to help me relax, sleep or meditate.
Using this oil I was able to tap into the tools of meditation and spiritual practices that help me to achieve deeper clarity of who I am, and I activate the desire within me to surrender into stillness so my consciousness can expand.
And slowly over time the aroma of lavender didn’t seem so repugnant, in fact I reach for this oil often these days as I have resolved the aspects of myself that weren’t in alignment….or more precisely I have called these parts home to myself.

Geranium was teaching me to love myself and to trust in myself again. Over the years of my life I had experienced heartbreak and trauma – like most people have. I had been hurt by others and had put up walls to protect myself. I had lost the ability to trust in the words of others, but to notice their actions above all else. I had gathered a cynical perspective and had blocked myself from heart centred communication when I felt triggered to protect myself. I didn’t use Geranium oil for my own use at all, it was merely in clinic, so the work this oil did for me was slowly and a lot more gentle. She taught me to trust and forgive and to remain tolerant and open even when I was scared and suspicious. She taught me to sit in the heart space and to allow her to open to receive the love that is always ever present from divine presence. She has taught me how to gently explore the idea of unconditional love and trust of self (this is a work in progress).

Bergamot was always my favourite oil, to soothe a woman that is rooted in relieving feelings of despair and low self esteem. And I can see this oil in action in my life. Even though I had been deeply hurt, and I carried scars from years ago, I still got up, faced the world, put on a brave face (a mask!) and kept on going. Thriving despite adversity, but still feeling the effects of the life I had created for myself that hid in the layers of my heart.
The things about soul work though, is that eventually you need to take the mask off and sit face to face with truth. The truth was I was hating myself, judging myself and feeling truly unlovable at the deepest layers of myself. My mask was slipping and I was finally – with the aid of lavender and geranium able to admit this truth to myself. Bergamot facilitates a process of self acceptance and learning to become hopeful again.

And then I was able to break. Thru. Within. To come home.

And when you break, you start to shatter all the pretends and the projections and the un-truths and simply sit with self. It was frightening but also comforting. To finally stop and to just be.

Bergamot helps me to love myself again, to know that I am lovable and worthy and “good enough”. So I say “no” a lot now. I change my mind. I think twice. I stay home. I go out. I take days off (on purpose!) I schedule my cycle and don’t work on the Monday of that week so I can drink tea in the sunshine or rainy weather, and I can stay in my pj’s and read or watch crappy tv and just be alone in the house when the kids are at school. I allow myself to soak up nothingness and replace busy with ease.

Without my oils in my tool kit I would have found another way – the soul always knows how to get your attention. This is how my soul paved the way for my awakening and my growth.

It didn’t make it easier, it didn’t make it quicker.
The oils gave me something to lean on in my darkest times and something to celebrate with when it was a good day. They fostered my ability to unconsciously listen to myself, so it became second nature to self care – which is all the soul is really asking you to do.

IF you feel like this is resonating and would like to try the power of essential oils for your own spiritual needs, get in touch with me and we can talk about how they can help you – with your mask and journeying home to self.

Belle xx

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