Who cares what “they” think!

“It’s none of my business what other people think of me” ….said the healing empath.

Have you ever felt like you’re not being your true self because you’re afraid of what others might think?
There is so often this invisible brigade of haters that sit in the background of your life that get to comment on every little thing about you.
It could be in little ways every day that you are sitting under this weighted blanket of having to appease the masses.
And it is soul destroying because you never get to fully expand into your true self.
This manifests in many ways such as lacking in self esteem, wont put your hand up for a promotion, feeling left out a lot, not feeling satisfied in your life, lacking purpose of direction.

Or it could be that you wake up one morning and realise you are in the wrong job, relationship, planet ?

We get caught in this cycle of trying to make others happy that we forget how to make ourselves happy. This king of thinking creeps in and many of us dont even know it is happening. We stay quiet so we dont hear crticism.

We dont go for that new network marketing job cos we know our friends and family are going to scoff and say it is ridiculous – be you KNOW the thought of it lights you up!

We stay in this place of being the good girl long into adulthood, cos we still want our parents to be proud of us – and this comes at the expense of our true happiness.

So if you feel that you aren’t speaking your aligned truth or you aren’t even privately allowing yourself to think in alignment with your truth, it is time to ask who’s truth you’re in?


In order to live a full life you MUST come into alignment and truth of who you actually are. Without rejecting your quirks or loudness or quietness or “too much-ness” or “not enough-ness” .It is time to love allllllll the part of yourself that make you YOU. Anything less is cutting off parts of yourself.
So if you want to DREAM….do it
If you want to SCREAM…do it
Let the frustration out, the smallness, the shutting down, the rejecting self, the ignoring the rising excitement, the keeping the status quo, the biting your tongue, the “making do”, the settling…..let it all out.

And step into YOU

If you need help with this, and know you have blocks, but feel afraid, then lets do some healing work around this.
Book a Health and Wellness session with me and lets start getting YOU back.

Belle xx

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