Is it time to heal?

Trauma doesn’t have to be some dark awful experience
It can be multiple times of not listening to instinct. Not hearing your inner wisdom.

  • Of ignoring what’s best for you.
  • Of not being listened to by care givers.
  • Of being told you’re being silly.
  • Or too emotional.
  • Or to stop crying.
  • Or to man up.
  • Or stop crying like a girl baby.
  • Or chin up and rise above it.

When we are conditioned to ignore our own feelings we shut down the inner child. We tell her/him that they’re not important. That their feelings are redundant. That they don’t matter.
That is also trauma.
This changes a person.
So as an adult you continue not listening or caring or responding or tending to the inner child’s needs.
Until you can’t ignore it anymore.
Because challenges and crisis emerge. Because cycles repeat. Because the ‘come to Jesus’ moment happens and you find yourself stripped bare on the floor crying your tears of unreleased pain.
And then you cradle your inner child. You hold them til the tears subside. You caress their cheek and tell them they Are safe to be who they are.
And you heal…..

Do you recognise these signs:

Have you found yourself speaking or acting in ways you don’t feel are even “you”?
Have you found yourself becoming resentful of all the things you do for people, for seemingly no thanks?
What about when people speak to you have you noticed that it just isn’t nice and makes you uncomfortable?

Feel taken for granted a lot?

This is a sign it is time to heal your inner child. She/he can be quiet for a really long time, and then what feels like “suddenly” start playing up and acting out. And it can be scary to take a look at yourself.

What does healing the inner child look like?

Well, it is different for most people, so I will share what it feels like instead of how it looks… feels like coming back to loving yourself. It feels like home. It feels solid and safe and secure. It feels clear. It feels right.

IF you would like to feel like this, then book a Health and Wellness session with me – in person or online. And together we can explore this beautiful world of inner child work so you can feel more like your old self.

Belle xx

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