The Awakening Woman

My Mission: to support other women as they awaken to their true nature and inherent power. Now it is my honour and privilege to work with other women who are feeling the call of their wise woman. Who no longer want to live a life unfulfilled, with resentment and frustration.

Oh hey there Wise Woman,
Thank you for stopping by for a moment.

Being a Wise Woman is a way of life. It is also a source of light that will empower and encourage other women to come out from hiding, to stand in their divine feminine power and to rise as the woman they were created to be. Free download: I have created a simple to follow workbook called “Core Values” that will help you to get very clear on what is important to you in your current season. I know this will help you to develop your ability to listen to your wise woman (your inner wisdom) and live your life from a greater place of alignment and clarity.

You can download it here:

My Story:
I spent a great many years living from a place where I thought I “should be”. I placed waaaayyy too much importance on what other people “might” say, or what other people “might” think about me. And this caused so much sadness, disappointment and frustration inside of me. When I finally realised the cause of my frustration was that I wasn’t living according to my core values, but to those around me (family, friends, colleagues, employer), I was able to take back control.
As soon as my true values became clear to me, I was able to begin the work of listening to my inner wisdom – this is what I call the Wise Woman. She spoke gently to me, was encouraging and not at all forceful. Because she is the higher self and the source of connection to divine.
I was able to let go of the limiting beliefs I was holding around who I am, and how I show up in the world. I was able to explore finding my confidence and personal power.

As a a woman who is awakening too, I know you already have felt the push-pull inside of you, that part that questions the status quo, and wonders if they were created for something more? (The answer is yes you are!)
Many women these days are returning to their soul, for healing and for truth, to answer the ultimate questions… “am I good enough?”, “am I worthy?” and “am I lovable?”

The truth is you are – YOU ARE.
Let me guide you to realising this for yourself,

Belle xox

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