The Mind/Body Connection

Put simply, the Mind/Body Connection is your ability to connect the symptoms your body shows you, with the way you think.
Simple? Not really….
Our busy lifestyle disconnects most of us from the simple conversation our body is always having with us. If you are always in conflict, or always fighting for justice, or recognition, or if you feel that you are always being wronged by others, then your body will start to shows signs of the struggle to be validated / heard / vindicated. This will show up as tension, inflexibility, heartburn, back aches etc.

Alternatively if you are practicing peace, let go of the need to be right, and have accepted “what is”, your body will be softer, more flowing and have less tension.

Do you ever say any of these phrases:
I can’t stand that person!
I’m digging in my heels on this one!
I’m kicking myself!
*if you use these phrases, what are your feet, or ankles or knees like?
Do you get chronic pain or do you often injure yourself in the leg area?
I haven’t got the guts!
I’m sick over that.
I’m gutted.
*if you use these phrases, do you often have tummy issues, or IBS or nausea?
They drive me crazy!
I’m out of my mind.
I’m going to lose it!
*if you use these phrases, are you often stressed out, or feel like you can’t cope or are overwhelmed?
Your mind is always thinking, and your tongue is always giving insight to your inner world. Sometimes, we don’t even realise the power behind the words we are saying.
If you do say any of the above phrases (or similar) make a decision TODAY to start re-phrasing your words, and then stop saying these kinds of things altogether.
You want your mind to focus on GOOD things, on HAPPINESS, on THANKFULNESS and LOVE – right? You don’t want to focus on stress, fear, conflict or pain. So if you clean up the words your mind will begin to focus naturally on phrases that feel good. I read somewhere once that “your word is your wand, so wave it around carefully!”
The old Disney song, “If You Can’t Say Something Nice…shhhh say nothing!” is very key here. Tame the tongue and your mind will become calmer. It is not “new age” philosophy, but ancient wisdom. Buddha, Jesus and Mohammad all spoke about listening more and talking less, about the power of words and how they can wound much more than a sword.
mind body connection

Next time you are tempted to use a “feeling phrase” such as “I’m sick to death of this guy!” STOP, breathe and re-phrase (at the very least) or LET IT GO…..because we don’t want you sick, or dead…….


Here are a couple common examples of clients we treat at the clinic:
 One day you might have a subtle headache. The next day you may have constipation. You are often feeling low in your mood. Your body feels sore around the neck and shoulders. You are stressed quite often and your headaches are getting worse. Then you realise your period has come early and so you put it down to “your cycle being out of whack’, and just accept it. Then you notice that your hair is falling out, or your nails are brittle. You are finding it hard to lose weight, and you are feeling anxious and stressed and your heart races.
These are warning signs of a thryroid that is not balanced.


The Mind/Body Connection* of thyroid issues says = I feel humiliated. I never get to do what I want to do! When is it going to be my turn?


You may experience heartburn fairly regularly, so you avoid the food you think causes the issue, but you always have a sore mid-back area so you work out a bit, because you heard that your core muscles could have something to do with it. You are always tired though, which you put down to not sleeping well because of the pain in your back,  but your partner says you snore all the time which may be causing the exhaustion?


The Mind/Body Connection* of Heartburn says = I am scared. I am very FEARFUL.


how emotions harm you
 My clients come in because of the headache or the back pain, not realising that something else much deeper than muscular is going on inside. That is why I started using Emotion Code techniques to muscle test, and to find out where imbalance lies in your body.
The way we think, the memories we have pushed down, the unchecked mental chatter that constantly runs in the back ground of our life can have a drastic effect on your physical, mental and spiritual health.
As a Mind/Body therapist, I can help you to piece together the symptoms to see a pattern, which you can then associate with your thought-life, and then start to work on getting healthier from there. It is a process. It is a journey, And to be honest, it is hardly ever easy. But I can promise you it is worth the commitment.
*taken from Louise L Hay “You Can Heal Your Life”

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