The lates oil to be released from doTERRA could be a God-send for many people.

In a world exclusive doTERRA has created a unique blend of Copaiba oil which combines 4 species of Copaifera*. 

So why has the Oily World gone crazy over it?


Copaiba is a powerful oil that affects the same receptor sites in the body as marijuana  – without the “high” or the trouble with the police!

This oil does not contain THC, and yet it packs a powerful punch that can ease stress associated with being in constant pain (thus reducing the pain response), it can help support the digestive system, reduce inflammation in injured tissues and support immune, respiratory and cardiovascular function. 

The creators of this oil blend are humble, but I am here to tell you that this baby is a game changer for anyone who has suffered with constant pain which puts them on the couch, and out of action for days at a time.

The Science: 

Copaiba works on the Enodcannabinoid system which is made up of CB1 and CB2 receptors. The Central Nervous System and Brain (responsible temperature regulation and appetite, among others things) contain CB1 receptors. 

CB2 receptors are found in the endocrine and immune systems. If a chemical affects the CB1 or CB2 receptors they are known as cannabinoids. Marijuana affects CB1 and affects hunger or gives the user “the munchies”.  A “runner’s high” is a result of exercise affecting a response from the CB1 receptors. 

Now, this isn’t the place for a heated “legal / illegal debate” about the use or medical marijuana to heal and soothe people living with chronic pain, dealing with cancer, or being highly stressed. I have my opinions, and I am sure you have yours too. So let’s shelve all that for now….

However, what you do need to know is that there are 3 different types of cannabinoid and Copaiba oil is one of them (aka  BCP: BCP, or Beta-CaryoPhyllene). It affects CB2 receptors and offers superior support for many areas of the body and traditionally has been used to support the body’s natural response to injury or irritation and supports healthy digestion.



Take INTERNALLY daily (you can combine with Frankincense for a booster) to help support over health – instead of  paracetamol you could take this instead.

DIFFUSE in the home to calm the mind and ease physical symptoms.

Applied TOPICALLY to affected areas with coconut oil to soothe tissues that are inflamed or injured. Combine with Cedarwood to give it a little deeper boost.


So how do you get your hands on this oil?


IF you are already a Wellness Advocate and have a doTERRA account, then you can order through your Back Office from 2 October 2017

If you are YET TO BECOME A MEMBER then simply click here and follow the prompts to set up an account and become a part of my team. You get weekly support, are entitled to free consults each quarter to learn more precisely how to up-level your health and wellness, and you get to jump into an online Oily world where everyone wants to support you and you will never be alone!


During October if you purchase a Home Essentials Kit & the Life Long Vitality Pack I will gift you with a FREE bottle of Copaiba oil. This is open to everyone! Even if you are already a member on my team.
These two kits will give you superior quality nutrition, helping to support your body from the inside out. The LLV pack is made up of bioavailable nutrients that may be lacking in your diet. (
Lifelong Vitality Pack: watch this vid to find out more) The Home Essentials kit contains 10 oils that can transform the toxic chemical profile of your home (meaning NO MORE cleaning products!), boost immune system, lift mood, support a clear and balanced mind plus much more. 

Used together, you will find that you get sick less, spend less money at the doctor or chemist, and have a Natural First Aid Kit right there in your kitchen that is safe for the whole family.

Home Essential Collection : I will send you my free ebook “100 Uses of Essential Oils” when you order this kit.


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