Relationships: Man vs Woman

Written by Dr. Caroline Leaf.

Relating with members of the opposite sex can be frustrating and difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Successful relationships begin in the mind (which seeks understanding) and, through the choices we make, will end in the Spirit (which knows truth). In my book, “Who switched off your brain? The mystery of he said/she said”, I show the three C’s of relationships:

We are designed to complete each other and not compete with each other. We are compatible. We are complimentary.

Men and women have been created to complement one another through their own unique strengths; we are exponentially better together. This goes for husband/wife, father/daughter, mother/son, personal and professional relationships.

It does not take PhD to know men and women are not the same – we don’t think the same, talk the same or act the same. These differences aren’t a result of our environments and our upbringing, they’re built in by design, God’s design. As it say in Genesis 1:27, “He made male and female in His image.”

The video clip below from a series I did at Victory world church in Atlanta, highlights some of these points that I discuss in depth in my book “Who switched off your brain? The mystery of he said/she said”. More than a marriage series, it is filled with key insights that will help you better understand the often mysterious behavior of the opposite sex, and practical tips that will quickly improve your relationships! That book is also available as a digital download.

You are you and your express your uniqueness through your maleness and your femaleness, and you will be interacting with the opposite sex daily whether you like it or not! So in order to not get toxic in our minds, we need to understand each other and target that struggle! In doing so we increase our intelligence, health and longevity!

Why is this important? Here is a sobering thought: research shows that couples that have especially sarcastic and argumentative discussions heal 40% slower than those who don’t. And we all want to be healthy! So let’s start the holiday season with great relationships and thanksgiving in our hearts!

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