Pre Natal Massage

As one of the first therapists in Australia to have the custom designed hole in the table for your belly, our pre and post natal massage will leave you feeling relaxed, pampered and supported. We also offer prenatal remedial massage, meditation and relaxation classes.

As one of the Shire’s leading prenatal remedial massage experts, our treatments are known to be very relaxing but highly effective in reducing the common aches and pains surrounding all stages of pregnancy. 
Using a carefully practiced method of working with the client, we can reduce pain associated with Pelvic Instability, Pubis Symphysis Disfunction, Sciatica, Lumbar pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Migraines and Headaches, Swelling in lower legs, and that general feeling of heaviness that is common to most pregnant women.
Postnatal massage is a wonderfully relaxing treatment that focuses on calming your central nervous system  (which can be a little frayed around the edges due to reduced sleep and the pressures of learning about your new baby.) 
Tummy massage (immediately following vaginal delivery or post 6wks following c-section) can help your tummy muscles return to their best sooner, and with less impact on your pelvic floor. We can help guide you on a post natal recovery plan that will empower you and give you confidence as you navigate this new world you are now in. We also stock Hydraflore skin care which contains the scar and wound healing wonder herb Centella Asiatica – perfect to reduce post c-section scarring.
Our massages are so much more than just the treatment – we know bodies bellies & babies – we can support you where you are at physically and emotionally and mentally.