Top 10 Oils for Pregnancy, Labour & Postnatal

Pregnancy is a time of great bliss, laughter, tender moments and creating wonderful memories……

Wait, What? Not in my experience!

My pregnancies involved intense nausea for 19 weeks, back aches and pains, swollen ankles, anxiety and post natal blues. So if this is your experience too, never fear…..

I have an oil for that!


The essential oils I use on myself, clients and my kids are from doTERRA – certified therapeutic grade. This means you can be assured of purity and the way in which they are farmed (sustainably and from native areas), and that you can trust they will support your mind and body.

Essential oils of this high grade can not only help on the physical level but on the emotional level as well. Often people will reach for an oil to help ease worry, stress, grief or anger, rather than a medicine or OTC (over the counter) drug, and have better and longer lasting results.

I believe that during pregnancy, labour and beyond mama needs to be supported wholistically and we know that doTERRa oils do just that!

Here is my top 7 MUST HAVE oils for sailing thru pregnancy and labour and beyond:


  1. Digestzen blend* – digestzen
    this tummy soothing blend includes ginger, anise and peppermint to help ease nausea and tummy cramps. 1 drop in 30ml water when nauseous, or 1 drop rubbed on belly can help you feel better in no time. After eating sometimes your belly will be angry (which is unlike your normal belly), so this blend should go with you everywhere in your hand bag – just in case.

  2. Lemon oil* – lemon
    lemon oil is refreshing when added to your water bottle. Many pregnant women don’t drink enough water – and this can help make it easier. Lemon will support healthy digestion possibly alleviating constipation which is common in pregnancy. 2 drops to 1L water bottle will suffice. Use Lemon in a water spray bottle to wipe down bathrooms and kitchens to avoid using a chemical alternative – eradicating chemicals from the home now will help lower your chemical toxicity levels – meaning your baby won’t be exposed either.

  3. Balance blend – balanceEVERY woman should take this oil into the delivery room with them. But used in pregnancy this oil will help you keep your feet on the ground. From stressing out over finances, to wondering if the renovations will be finished, to coping living with the in-laws, to wondering who will replace you at work – my pregnant clients have so many issues to tidy up/work thru in the last 3 months of pregnancy that it is inevitable at some point there will be a melt down. Balance blend 1 drop placed behind the ears morning and night for 3-4 days will have a grounding and soothing effect on the emotions and nerves. Consisting of oils such as  Ho Wood, Blue Tansy, and Blue Chamomile feelings of unsease and anxiousness melt away leaving you feeling calm.

  4. Aromatouch– Used topically on areas that are sore (1 drop to a 5 cent piece sized amount of fractionated coconut oil) this will help alleviate muscular aches and pains.  By 28 weeks most women will be feeling achiness, or intense searing pain in their lower backs/buttocks areas. If it is INTENSE see your experience perinatal massage therapist (ask me for a therapist in your area if you are not in Sydney).

    Early intervention can help a LOT!
    However, using Aromatouch regularly (twice per day for 3 days) will help soothe pain – so mix with coconut oil and massage up and down spine at when you are past 25weeks.  Remember that movement can help or hinder, so see your perinatal physio or experienced PT for assistance (or ask me for Yoga stretches/movements).
    In labour this feels magical on the lower back area rubbed during contractions. After birth rub on the belly to help the uterus contractions during breastfeeding. And use on neck and shoulders when feeding/rocking/holding takes its toll.

  5. Frankincense – frankincenseAn oil that was good enough for the baby Jesus, so it is perfect for you! Helps to calm, increase peace, heal wounds, and allow you to meditate a little more deeply. Preparing for labour should involve daily mindfulness practice, and breathing techniques (ask me for help with this!). 1 drop on the centre of the forehead between the eyebrows and you will sink into meditation in no time. Perineum massage using Frankincense can help prepare the tissues to stretch without tearing. (Dilute with coconut oil 1 drop to 5 cent pieced size oil). Post delivery diluted Frankincense can help heal tearing or episiotomy. You can make a spray bottle of water and coconut oil and Frankincense to spray after showering and toileting to help heal the area and soothe the stinging.

  6. Clary Calm blend- clary calm
    After 37 wks try using this blend to help stimulate the uterus and give baby a nudge in the right direction. This blend helps to instill peace and balance during the last few weeks of pregnancy and especially during labour. I suggest using this blend daily after showering by rolling a small amount behind ears and on ankles and soles of feet. When you get to hospital you will use this again and your brain will register the scent of this oil with peace and calmness – thus helping to reduce “white coat syndrome” or hopsital panic. After delivery, rub on belly to assist uterine contractions.

  7. Lavender Peace blend – serenityPersonally this is my absolute MUST HAVE oil as I use it almost every day! I diffuse** this oil in my kids rooms at night to help them sleep, I use this in my aromatherapy massages to help relax clients, and I use this behind my ears morning and night when I am very stressed out. In pregnancy if you feel overwhelmed with planning a Baby Shower, preparing the nursery, finishing up at work, or trying to manage this pregnancy with other kids running around, then this needs to be your FIRST point of call for helping to find peace and calming. After delivery diffusing this in the room you are feeding in can help create calm, and diffused for 10mins prior to putting bub to sleep can be all the help you need.

Do you want to buy this whole Pregnancy, Birth and Postnatal Kit? This Kit can be customised, so if you want to pick and choose email me and let me know what you would like, and I will package it up for you!
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*When taking internally consult your health care professional first. Always dilute oils for  topical application with fractionated coconut oil (available from doTERRA) to ensure safety during pregnancy. After pregnancy and breastfeeding you can use neat on the body where indicated. Ask me for specific needs.

** Diffusing is NOT the same as “burning oils”. Use a diffuser to ensure the oils reach you unchanged and still effective.