Massage for early signs of pain

If you woke up sore, or you got home from work yesterday feeling a bit tense and stiff in your joints, then can I suggest booking a massage QUICKLY?
Did you notice that raising your arm up over head is getting harder to do? How about putting on clothes? Or hanging washing on the line? Putting on your bra with difficulty? 
This is not “getting old” or just “a bit stiff form the cold weather”. Mild tension and stiffness are early signs that something is out of whack, so getting a remedial massage early on, can save you a whole world of pain if you leave it.
Sitting at a desk all day? On your feet all day? Physical labouring? Housework? Gardening?
At some point your body will start to tell you it has had enough…trouble is, you are too busy to pay attention until you are swallowing multiple anti-inflammatories / pain relief / and being forced to take days off work.
There IS a better way to handle the physical symptoms as they start to arise. Remedial Massage therapy will get your blood flowing, the joints moving easier, and help stretch your muscles for greater strength and flexibility.
Relaxation massage will help reduce the overall effects of stress in the body and mind. Stress starts in your mind…and then filters to your physical body…including all your organs…isnt that frightening?
For all ages, massage is the first answer when mild symptoms arise.
Therapeutic massage is not just a luxury, it is the antidote to this busy world. It can help you to breathe more deeply and move more freely…and we all know that doctors “prescribe” rest and “less stress” to most health complaints….
So you get a win / win…it feels amazing and has great benefits for you entire body.

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