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You have played such a big part of my journey this year - both your words and the actions I took helped me to start healing physically and emotionally. Thank you xx

For a person that likes instant results I’m learning to let it all flow within what’s ok for me. Thank you for opening my eyes and allow me to become aware of me. 

    Most people just “know” that something isn’t right in their body or    their life, but they don’t have the words to say what it is. 

Is this you?

Physically you feel aches and pains ALL the time with no real reason or solution? (but every doctor or practitioner you see only helps you for a little while, and then it comes back…)
You have decided to “accept” or “live with” your chronic condition as it is “always going to be there”.
You experience lack of motivation, periods of depression or anxiety (or you are chronically worried about pretty much everything!!!)
You find it hard to form close personal relationships, or feel like you cannot be your true self.
Life feels like it has no direction
You don’t recognise the person looking at you in the mirror anymore.

But HOW?

The answer is understanding your entire being -from a whole-person Domain or Body perspective”.  Finding the solution to the above issues comes from identifying feelings, in both emotion and body, and then switching them off or releasing them for good. 

What you don’t realise is that thought patterns, belief systems and strong emotions can make it difficult to be who you are. Emotional baggage weighs you down over time and can leave you feeling like you don’t belong, aren’t good enough and like there is no hope for you. It causes imbalance in the tissues of the physical body which causes aches and pains, chronic conditions, skin irritations and annoying symptoms you’ve been told to just “live with and manage”.

In order to feel like you are living your BEST life it is important to ensure well being in at least 3 of these bodies or domains.
Here is a list of what it could feel like if you are out of balance –

Mental body: depression, anxiety, PTSD, phobias, OCD, brain fog, no clarity, problem solving, shock/trauma, inability to plan into the future
Physical body: chronic aches and pains, issues in your tummy, headaches, migraines, skin conditions, addictions, female issues
Emotional body: lack of motivation, mood swings, feeling like you can’t connect with people, not feeling loved (even though you are told you are), feeling hollow, prolonged grief, inability to find a partner
Career domain: lack of financial success, feeling blocked, not feeling confident to ask for what you want in your job, feeling passed over at work, not being able to break thru the glass ceiling, feeling inadequate, stuck, stale or stagnant, wanting and dreaming, but not able to DO
Spiritual domain: feeling disconnected from source, unable to shift family values and cultivate independent self, lacking discernment, anger at institutional religious groups, not able to tap into source energy, feeling blocked, without direction, lacking sense of purpose

Underneath most of these issues/conditions are trapped emotions you have gathered since childhood, or maybe even absorbed or inherited from your parents and grandparents. Once the trapped emotions are removed, often the symptoms in the bodies or centres improve or disappear.


 I’ve found that I don’t let my emotions consume me as much and I get on with things much easier. I found also a lot of opportunities are opening up. I can let go of negative energy much easier as well, especially at work and home. I still have my hard days but I find that I bounce back the next day rather than a bad day affecting how I feel about my whole life. So things have been a lot better, I still have things to work on but I’m happier than I’ve been in years.
(21yr old “Me-time” Retreat attendee November 2016)

Hi Belle. Just wanted to let you know that I’m feeling a lot more grounded since our session…..can feel that some of the emotional floodgates have been opened but I’m not resisting it as much….also I’ve seen some physical changes too…dermatitis has gone along with some stubborn allergy symptoms I’ve been having since I got here…thanks so much….really helps me to go through this with more of a clear head now….Wellness Consult 1hr. 32yrs.

Want to get started and feel BETTER ? It is easy and it will feel amazing.

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Belle’s Story:

“I first discovered Emotion Code when I was experiencing a very sore right shoulder that was so bad I was considering retiring from being a Massage Therapist. I had been practicing for over 15 yrs, I had seen a physio, and was told I would need to see a surgeon. Obviously my years as a manual bodyworker were wearing me down.
However I know how the body works – I believe that the body throws physical symptoms to alert us to where disharmony lives. By chance I came across an Emotion Code practitioner and skeptically I told her about my shoulder and she instantly told me I had a Heart Wall. 

I was at a point where I was happy to try anything to get my shoulder better, so I could go back to a full load of clients, and do my favourite exercises again (push ups, burpees and tricep dips!) After just one 15min session I felt a range of emotions, from laughing to crying to skepticism, and then elation. I walked around like I was floating for at least an hour afterwards. The most curious thing to me though, was that my shoulder wasnt aching like it usually did. Three days later the aching came back, so I called the practitioner and she did a phone consult with me for another 30mins. MY SHOULDER HAS COMPLETELY RECOVERED. I no longer see a physio, I do pushups on TRX cables (!) and I lift overhead weights. Not to mention I see a full caseload of clients again.

There was nothing else to do – I instantly applied to become an Emotion Code certified therapist and I have been using this technique on myself, my kids and my clients ever since.