Using oils in Pregnancy

There are so many websites that will tell you which oils you can use, and which oils you can’t use in pregnancy.
There is also a lot of differing opinions when it comes to using essential oils during your pregnancy. So where do I sit on this topic?

I believe that women need to remember their inner wisdom – their Wise Woman – when it comes to health care, wellness and lifestyle. Too many women have forgotten to trust their gut instincts and therefore have lost their personal power. Society hase created this thoguht pattern that “doctor is god” and that us mere mortals can’t possibly advocate for our own needs because we haven’t studied for 10 yrs at university. This is simply untrue.

Let me ask you these questions:

Does it bother you that hospitals give their patients custard and jellies while they are in health crisis?
Does it bother you that a doctor will prescribe you a fourth round of antibiotics – even though you “know” if hasn’t helped the first few times?
Does it bother you that the “healthy food pyramid” offers breads and grains as the “eat most” section, but you KNOW these foods cause you to bloat, have tummy pain, and feel nauseous at times?
Does it bother you to hear that you must birth in a certain way, be injected with vaccines at a certain time and jab your own newborn baby…even though you want more info, more time and more research?
Does it bother you that someone told you to avoid Lavender oil for relaxation, but the same person will tell you that paracetamol is ok?
Does it bother you that pregnancy and birthing has become so medicalised these days, when it is a normal part of a woman’s body/life? 

I believe that common sense and inner wisdom must work together with modern medicine in order to create an environment that supports and nurtures the whole person – mind, body and spirit. Using essential oils can boost the immune system, calm the nervous system, support the cardiovascular system, and help with elimination and detoxification. Not to mention they are used to help ease emotional states, elevate deflated states and bring a sense of deeper connection to a person seeking meditation/faith.

Using oils – safely and wisely – can be an incredibly amazing experience for a pregnant woman, and can be the first step in reducing chemical toxicity and stress hormones to the unborn child.
IF you agree with me, then you are likely to really love using oils in pregnancy.


If you disagree or have reservations, then I am pretty sure it is not my job to “convince” you. I believe that a woman has her own inner guidance system – or inner wisdom. This is what she must use to determine whether conventional medicine, or oil medicine or a combo of both is the best way forward for her and for her baby.

The oils I recommend and use both personally and in my perinatal massage clinic are doTERRA. Chosen for their purity, testing standards and effectiveness. (Priority is in that order). Having used essentials oils in clinical practice for 20 years, I believe I know a good company when I see it (or in this case, smell it).
Never before have I used oils as my first aid, my emotional health stabiliser, my body care, and my inner care – you can even ingest many of these oils safely!

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