Wise Woman Unleashed 2 April 2018

TRANSFORM the way you live your life.

Wise Woman Unleashed is a fully online, supported healing journey, in a sacred space. 

Over 4 weeks you will un-learn the rules of womanhood and allow your TRUE SELF to shine. No more playing small. No more doing everything for others, and nothing for self. For four weeks you will learn how to include daily Self Care rituals to help you build confidence and inner strength. You’ll smash limiting beliefs, and you’ll learn to connect to your inner wisdom – your Wise Woman. The intention for this program is to help you shed the old stuff that is holding you back, and support you as you grow and transition in to the strong, confident and vibrant woman you are desiring to be.

During the program, we will be diving super deep into:

  • The delicate balance between mind / body wellness and how you need to address both in order to feel completely content
  • Healing your emotional past – letting go of and FORGIVING your old story while creating a brand new story for you to walk into
  • Exactly why some women just seem to have it all and how you can too
  • Manifesting the life of your dreams through easy to follow practical guides to actually having what you want in life!
  • Breaking through all your liming beliefs- even the subconscious ones!- that are keeping you from your full potential
  • ALL my mindset tricks that I have used to reprogram my mindset and change the way I thought about myself (who I am, what am I here for?) FOREVER
  • Removing the guilt and shame most women attach to wanting to have a satisfying and successful life – separate to their home life.
  • Connecting to your higher self/higher power
  • Raising your self worth and confidence so that you can live a life of freedom
  • Creating your personal vision that the Universe gets behind 100% and helps you achieve in record time
  • Troubleshooting through bad days, curve balls and when life just looks like it isn’t working for you

Plus so much more!


  • Weekly Group “live” healing & coaching sessions on Facebook : Tuesdays 8.30pm-9.45pm
  • Private and exclusive Facebook group – with very limited numbers
  • Unlimited email / messenger support with Belle
  • Weekly Mindset lessons
  • Workbooks / Guides – relating to the live recording each week
  • BONUS meditation and stretching (yin yoga) videos
  • Daily sub-conscious re-programming
  • Twice Weekly healing sessions with Reiki and Ashati healing (1 in live group recording and 1 remote)
  • Q&A sessions weekly

Investment:  REGISTER between 21st March – 30 March and receive these bonuses

BONUS #1- 60min private Discovery & Clarity session with Belle prior to program launch (valued at $197)
BONUS #2 – 4 healing essential oils to support you each week in your healing journey (valued at $100)
BONUS #3 – 30min Follow Up private healing session after finishing the program (valued at $149)
That’s $446 worth of incredible Bonuses – and YOU get this for FREE

Wise Woman Unleashed program – $297.00

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