Imagine having a drug and chemical-free home!

Young Living Essential Oils

A drug and chemical-free home is a reality when you use pure therapeutic grade oils……BUT not all Essential Oils are the same!

Young Living Oils are the most pure essential oils on the market, meaning that you can safely use them UNDILUTED on the skin, or taken INTERNALLY to treat specific inbalance or disharmony in the body.

Choose to become a naturally “oily” person, and use essential oils to lift your mood, enhance concentration, clean the home, feel more grounded, and relax more easily.

By purchasing Young Living oils you can be sure of the purity of the oil, from seed to harvest to bottling.

We only use the best products we can get our hands on, and YL oils tick all the boxes when it comes to quality and value for money and satisfaction.

The Everyday Oils Collection: $194.75 (when you become a YL member*)

This kit contains the 9 most popular oils that you can keep in your “first aid kit” to use on everyone in the family – from babies to grandparents!

  • Lemon – add a drop to water to give you a VitC burst during the winter months; or inhale a drop rubbed on hands to lift mood.
  • Peppermint – dilute for kids in coconut oil and rub on sore tummies; rub directly onto the back of the neck for headaches in big people.
  • Lavender – apply on scrapes for wound healing; place 1 drop on pillow to help little ones drift off peacefully to sleep.
  • Frankincense – boosts the immune system; helps to connect you spiritually; soothing and calming.
  • Peace & Claming blend – rub on the soles of kids’ feet at bedtime to help them settle quickly and stay asleep (this is Belle’s personal night time ritual with her kids and the results are amazing!)
  • Purification blend – diffuse in the air to remove odours; put a drop or two on cotton balls and place in car air-conditioning vent; soothes bites and stings and is a great bug repellant.
  • Thieves blend – containing cinnamon and clove and is a powerful anti-viral and anti-bacterial combo. Diffuse in the home to cleanse the air of germs; clean with it for removing germs in the bathroom; ingest a drop daily in water to boost your immune system.
  • Joy blend – boosts the mood; helps to calm and relax the body and mind.
  • Pan Away – use directly on areas in the body that are sore – muscles, joints; to help reduce inflammation.

Young Living Essential Oils are THE most pure oils, that are certified

therapeautic grade – safe and effective for the whole family.



* Price is wholesale when you sign up to become a YL Wholesale customer. Otherwise retail pricing is +24%)

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