Inner Harmony During Lockdown

re-emerge better than you went in!

Lockdowns are extreme, and they bring up so many emotions – often ones we didn’t even know we had!

Working from Home and Home Schooling can be a logistical nightmare – it means you are literally doing two jobs at the same time; you are out of your normal routine and it can be hard to even finish a meaningful thought. It can also be very difficult to get space away from all the people around you.

Focus on ONE self-care activity each week so you don’t go insane!

Go from Stressed & frustrated to feeling more peaceful and calm
…and become connected to your inner wisdom

It just takes a little focus and determination to begin to carve out the space you need for you to thrive

When you join this private group, you will gain 24/7 access to all the recordings and inspiration, and become your own healer. This program is at your fingertips to teach you how to self soothe.
Perhaps a healing meditation will re-set you, or maybe it is a yoga class?
Join us and discover what you truly need at any time.

This means you will begin to EMPOWER yourself  – which is the most important thing you can do for yourself right now.

become motivated

learn more about your triggers and how to release them (before you explode)

have something just for you to look forward to

have some fun

carve out some relaxation time

This program is created for people who want to THRIVE and not get weighed down by heavy emotions.

Each week you will have access to meditations and healings to help you release FEAR and PANIC and UNSETTLEDNESS.

I will guide you thru easy and quick ways to GROUND yourself even when life seems chaotic.

Each week nourish your mind, body, soul & energy bodies:

– a live FB vid at 9.00am Tuesdays (recorded so you can watch it at a convenient time for you)

– weekly spiritual / life coaching teaching – to nourish your mind

– weekly energy healing practices to experience – to nourish your soul

– yoga / meditation  / stretching classes to nourish your body

– encouraging words for you to affirm to yourself – to nourish your energy bodies

About your guide….

Im Belle. Im a holistic healer of over 20yrs and my passion is working with women who are (usually) bright, vibrant, motivated and connected…BUT they have become exhausted, cranky and un-motivated due to the struggles of daily life.
I have worked with thousands of women JUST LIKE YOU who desperately want to feel better, but get overwhelmed by the massive demands of life.

When we add a Lockdown (or two) into the mix, it can really push you beyond what you can handle.
And THAT’S OK. This time in our life is really teaching us about the need to become more flexible in mindset, and I want to make sure you have everything you need to handle “the new normal”.

I KNOW exactly how to help you return to being your best version, because I have done it for MYSELF. During the first lockdown I just focused on my clients and making sure they were ok, and I forgot to check in with myself. So when lockdown ended I experienced all the trauma all at once. I made a vow to myself to NEVER allow that to happen to me again, and I began a self-care protocol that helped me emerge stronger and more connected to my inner wisdom than ever before.
This meant that when we went into Lockdown AGAIN I was READY….and I have never wavered from anything other than feeling amazing during these uncertain times.
Using the tools that I share, (reiki, counselling, past life regression, emotional trigger releasing, yoga, meditation and divine channeling) I have watched my face to face clients begin to kick some major life and personal goals and move out of the “stuck” feeling and into thriving – and so I realised I should be sharing this in a program so more women can THRIVE!

This program is for YOU if you are ready to take the next step in radical personal self care!

Investment is only $249 for 12 weeks of live spiritual healings & teachings, yoga classes, meditations and much more!

Join the thousands of other incredible wise women who have worked with Belle and learned the skills necessary to thrive. Here is what one of our members has to say about the program:

“I would describe it as making time to focus on yourself in a guided setting with support. I’m loving what I am learning”.

Payment Plans are available – because hey…..we get it!

Pay a deposit of $75 using the link above and I will contact you to set up 3 more $75 payments spaced apart.