Accountability Coaching

The struggle is real – but you don’t have to stay there.

Do you feel like you lack motivation for all the things you want to achieve and become?
You’re not alone.

Have you ever attended a coaching or energy healing session and felt inspired to commit to new healthier life habits – only to get sick, overwhelmed, tired or disappointed by something in your life that stops all your momentum and you end up worse than before? Because life gets in the way, and without the proper tools in place to help, your bad habits creep back in, slowly sabotaging any progress you may have made.
That’s when frustration, irritation, anger and also binge eating or drinking kicks in. You may stop your exercise routine, meditation practice, and simply become better friends with Netflix.
It’s a slippery downward spiral.
And that can make you feel even worse.

Let’s not even mention when you go 0-100 in 10 secs and let rip at your kids or partner.

What could you become in 90 days?

You know that you feel so much better when you have a cheer squad of friends or family, however they can’t always be the ones to be cheering you on.
What dreams do you have for health or well-being or career?
What can you imagine your life would be like if you could build momentum and have someone supporting you (and kicking your butt) along the way?
Wouldnt it be amazing if you could learn the tools and tricks of highly motivated people, in order to become your own cheerleader?

Accountability Coaching is a supportive and highly motivating service offered by Belle, helping you to stay on track and reach that milestone of 90 days – this is SO important when you are wanting to create REAL and EFFECTIVE change in your life.

The research is clear: it takes 21 days to create a new habit
then another 21 days to reinforce that habit
another 21 days to make sure it sticks and
another 21 days to make it seem so easy.

How does Accountability Coaching work?

You will do an initial 2hr session with Belle (in-person or zoom) in order to get clarity and set priorities; clear limiting beliefs, blocks and self-sabotage to reaching your goals.
Then every week you will do a 3x 30min and 1 x60min coaching calls via phone/zoom to check in, release triggers, and keep you focused and on track.

Each week you will focus on smart, measurable and achievable goals. You will have tasks to complete that are easily added to your current schedule. This will help you to avoid overwhelm and burnout.

Could you do this yourself?
Of course you could!
HAVE you done this for yourself yet?
And THIS is why you NEED an accountability coach!

You already KNOW what needs to happen.
You have the SKILLS required to reach your goals.
What you NEED is someone to believe in you, to keep you focused, and to hold you accountable each week while you tick off your list of goals.

This is for you if:
– you want to achieve your goals in the next 3 months
– you are sick and tired of making excuses
– you want to plan, execute and smash your goals!
– you are a spiritually focused person who wants to combine their masculine and feminine energies to get into flow and ease.

Are you a HELL YES?

3 months – 1 x 2hr initial session – 11 x30min phone calls

Or maybe you need some more info?