The rising Wise Woman

You may have heard the gentle whisperings as she has been calling you……

You may have noticed an increase in your desires – for something more; for a dream you would love to achieve; for trying something new for allowing change into your life; for a deepening in your intimate relationship; for healthier choices; for more “me-time”; for more solitude; for more enrichment of mind; for more stillness.

The Wise Woman is your inner wisdom. Your guide, your comfort and your way home. Do you know what those physical and emotional symptoms you are feeling really are? The recurring illnesses, the self-doubt, the irritable tummy, the pains in your back and neck and shoulders, the emotional eating, the lack of self-esteem, the pressure in your chest, the trouble forming and keeping close female relationships?
All these physical and emotional sensations are the reminder that you need to unlearn the traditions of the past and begin to remember who you were meant to be. This is your inner wisdom – your Wise Woman – gently waking from slumber.

I was nervous when I first asked Belle about the Wise Woman Program. I kind of had no idea what it was all about, I just knew I had to do it. Now after having completed the program, I can see it was my ‘wise woman’ calling me to learn more and heal.

So glad I followed that feeling I had to “just go for it

You always have a choice when the Wise Woman awakens. You are always in control, and you are always able to say no or yes. However, the more you let your mind govern your life, the more you will feel the push-pull inside of you.

The wise woman work I did will Belle was invaluable in getting me back on track.
Journaling , affirmations, energy healing, angels, essential oils….
a few of the amazing tools that Belle uses to weave her Magic

If you think you may be experiencing the call of your Wise Woman and you want to lean in and learn more, then I encourage you to sit with this and ask her to speak to you. You will see signs (repeating numbers, coins, feathers etc), experience coincidences, and enjoy synchronicities….they are all confirming what you already know – your wise woman is calling you to her.
So that you can listen to your inner wisdom with confidence

The 12 week in-person/or online Wise Woman Program is available to start anytime.

Here is what is included:

6 x 2hr healing and spiritual coaching sessions

Understanding the energy bodies and how to heal/clear them

Resolve physical or emotion or mental patterns that cause stuckness

Guided Meditations:

  • for chakra healing and balancing
  • for grounding
  • for heart connection

Weekly self paced study on topics such as Empath Wisdom, intuition development, understanding the language of your body Private Facebook group to connect with other women who have done the program or are doing the program, with weekly content and live vids and healing.

I had my second visit today with Belle…WOW….it felt like another layer had been removed, plus another part of me renewed and re-invigorated. My eyes feel brighter, my heart feels lighter and my back feels no longer overburdened. Acknowledging and Releasing hidden emotions/hurts/experience…is very healing, strengthening and just awesome. I feel amazing….clear in mind, calm in the body and my spirit is ready to soar… embarking on this healing journey is allowing me to ensure I place emphasis on self-care…I deserve it…it has taken me 34 years to realise it…but I am so glad I have finally.

Get in touch with me belle @ the belle flowers clinic or call 0403 580 464 to get started.
Deposit of $350 is required for first appointment. A payment plan is available for balance of the program.
Program consists of 6 x 2hr sessions in person / online spaced no more than 2 weeks apart.
Plus self study content and activities and meditations.
Program investment = $1997.