Read what others are saying:

“I see myself now as someone who can be in tune with herself. I can be more calm and in sync. I am a better wife and mother.”
Lauren, Wise Woman Program

“I had my second visit today with Belle…WOW….it felt like another layer had been removed, plus another part of me renewed and re-invigorated. My eyes feel brighter, my heart feels lighter and my back feels no longer overburdened. Acknowledging and Releasing hidden emotions/hurts/experience…is very healing, strengthening and just awesome. I feel amazing….clear in mind, calm in the body and my spirit is ready to soar… embarking on this healing journey is allowing me to ensure I place emphasis on self-care…I deserve it…it has taken me 34 years to realise it…but I am so glad I have finally.”Just wanted to let you and Emma know about how successful the induction massage was. “
Lou, Wise Woman Program, wk2

“A breakthrough. This morning I was able to write more than a few words in my journal about what my perfect day would look like. Normally I overthink things and then I can’t do it. Today is a good day. I know this is a work in progress, but it feels good to feel like this today.”
Sara, Wise Woman Program

“After my massage at 6pm, my contractions started at 8.30am the next day, and birth took place 10.30am! It was so quick and the contractions so effective that I didn’t have time to get to the hospital, just barely made it back home. Luckily for us, my husband is a good catch!”
Kylie, 2nd bub Induction Massage

“Just wanted to let you know that my beautiful baby girl, Evelyn (Evie), arrived into the big wide world on her due date last Tuesday !!!!! We are beside ourselves in adoration for her…. she’s just divine !!! Had another beautiful, calm, drug & intervention-free birth so couldn’t be happier.

At one week old, so far so good……we are enjoying the easy newborn settles & long sleeps….bracing ourselves for when she wakes up from the 4th trimester !!!

A big thank you to you for all the wonderful massages throughout my pregnancy…. it certainly helped keep Evie & I relaxed !!! I look forward to another one soon as a new mum!

“A big thank you for popping into my life when you were much needed! You are not only a wonderfully skilled massage therapist but an awesome councellor too. Don’t know how I would have managed my fourth pregnancy without you.”

“So sorry this has taken so long but the last 2 months have been a blur since baby has arrived. I just wanted to thank you for helping me through my first pregnancy. Your hands are truly something special. Not sure what I would have done without them!!”
Lauren, first time mum to Mila.

“Thank you so much for yesterday. All the girls are still raving and so very grateful for your talented hands. Will pass on your details to those who didn’t grab them as they should all get some extra love.”
Hostess of a Mother’s Group Pamper Day (all first time mums to babies 6-9mths old)

“Finding you has been the best thing that ever happened to me!”
Laura, first time mum (24wks)

“Thank you for my amazing pregnancy massages – they really helped get me through the last few weeks. I will continue to talk up your services to anyone who’ll listen!”
Nicky, Gymea. First time mum to Scarlett.

“Belinda is just the balm my body required. She is extremely intuitive.”
Shalani, Cronulla. Hot Stone Massage for relaxation.

“You my dear have been a god send, I tell everyone about you, and have and will recommend you highly!”  Treatment from 24-40wks during pregnancy for pain in Sacro-Iliac Joint, numbness in hips and difficulty walking without pain.
Adrienne, Heathcote.

“After going to Belinda when I was 38wks pregnant with my first baby, I promised myself I wouldn’t wait that long when I was pregnant again. Her treatments prevented my aches and pains from getting too out of control during my second pregnancy.”
Lynnette, Gymea

“That was the greatest experience of my life”
Samantha, Kirrawee (after a 2hr Hot Stone massage)

“I hurt my shoulder lifting weights at the gym. I didnt want to stop, so I asked Belinda to take a look at it. After one treatment I had movement again ,and after two treatments there was no pain anymore.”
Kylie, Alfords Point

“Can I take this massage table home?”
Nicole (26wks pregnant)

“Wow – thanks for all your help last week. You’re absolute star. I couldn’t have done it without you!”
Nicki – PR Edge event co-ordinator for Corporate Event

“Thanks again for the wonderful massages and all of your support.  It always puts me in a good headspace and I’m feeling calm, confident and so excited about meeting our baby!”
Lisa, first time mum to Rachel.

“I had a little girl 17 May  she was 8 pound 9 (not so little) and I had her with no drugs partly thanks to you, for telling me about the breathing and your experiences so thank you for that!!”
Samantha, mum to Imogen.

“Honestly can’t thank you enough as I have had such a major improvement since the massage. Sleeping much better and walking round without too much difficulty. It is fantastic! I am doing all the things you suggest, stretching, ice/heat. Looking forward to the next visit!”
Renee, Cronulla. Mother of 1 + new baby on the way!