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Do you want to create passive income?

Are you a wellness professional like me? Such as a massage therapist, chiropractor, osteopath, kinesiologist, health coach, life coach?

Are you a self-confessed hippie who loves to choose natural over commercial?

Are you a stay at home mum who is looking to start a home-based biz that is in alignment with your health and wellness values?
Do you currently have a blog that is not making much money and is costing you more than you make? Or are you wanting to start a blog and earn money online whilst generating residual income, and helping people feel better mind-body-soul with a great company that rewards you just by being a member?

If you answered YES then you are welcome to contact me and find out more about how becoming a Wellness Advocate can support you physically, emotionally and financially to achieve your hopes and dreams!

Joining my wellness team will help with your self-confidence and mindset, as you will be part of an online (or in person) community that genuinely wants to see you succeed. There are so many network marketing opportunities out there, and what I love about this kind of business is that once you find the right company (with great products and training and compensation plan) then the sky is the limit!
dōTERRA tick all the boxes for me in terms of joining, online training, FREE access to webinars and motivational groups, soooooo much content for you to read thru and learn at your own pace, plus you will be part of my Facebook community pages to ask questions, learn the biz and get your marketing sorted! We do Skype/Zoom sessions if you don’t live nearby, and we have everything you need to get this online biz rocking.

Why is this biz for me?BF

Because this biz is in line with my core values! (Find out what your core values are by clicking this link HERE).
doTERRA products support my health without hurting the environment, it is affordable and is exceptional quality. Because I know the oils and products REALLY make a difference in the lives of babies, kids, teens, adults and the elderly. It supports the environment, supports the farmers who grow and harvest the plants, and it leaves a positive mark on the world. 
Is this important to you too?

Once you partner with me, you will learn how to then create this entrepreneurial business with your own style and start to make a difference in your zone of genius. With this online world, there really are no barriers to who you can work with and in what way. This biz is empowering, and it is all about self-development. You will achieve your next levels of rank and pay as you start smashing old beliefs you hold about money, making money, your self-worth and abundance.
I’m really excited to see you grow and develop in your own business. Partnering with doTERRA has been an amazing platform for me to express my heart’s desire to inspire people to take care of their own health, and it has eased the financial pressure I was experiencing too.
My strengths are that I am hugely resourceful and I know how to help you plan and succeed to meet and exceed your goals! I want to teach you the exact same systems I have used myself!
Working together – even though we are solo-preneurs – will be a beautiful collaboration where you will sharpen and develop your skills to be the best version of yourself that you can be.

When you start sharing the oils with your circle of friends and family and colleagues you will see just how amazing it feels to know you are helping to make a difference in the lives of other people.

If you are a born-helper and love to be of service to others, then this biz is for you.

You can work this biz completely online, (if you are a blogger) or you can choose to run classes to teach about these amazing oils and build your empire class by class. The sky is the limit!


If you would like to find out more email: belle @, or get started RIGHT NOW by clicking this link and signing up HERE. (If you need help signing up try this guide HERE, or email me – I am here to help you!