What is a Heart Wall?


The Heart creates its own protective walls of emotion (mostly negative) that seeks to protect you energetically from having your “heart broken”.

Think back to a time when you felt intense negative emotion (from a break up, bullying, abuse etc). When you were experiencing this pain, your heart may have subconsciously built a protective wall to ensure that you “never feel that kind of pain again”. For a time this protection is necessary to help you survive what you are going through, but long after the event has passed, you may still be energetically stuck in this situation.

From an emotional viewpoint you may experience a disconnect in relationships, you may not be able to get intimately involved with anyone, you may be distrustful, you may feel very separate to others or you may feel like you aren’t important in your family’s life.

Consequently from a physical sense you may experience chronic neck and shoulder pain, possibly heart palpitations, shallowness of breathing, low grade headaches, a stabbing sensation between your shoulder blades.
Energetically speaking your Heart Wall is causing your body to give you symptoms of discomfort to get your attention!

Typically 3 sessions will remove your Heart Wall, and significantly reduce negative thoughts, feelings, or pain. For this reason we do not offer single Heart Wall packages. 

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