Sooth your tummy (and your emotions)

Digestzen is doTERRA’s product of the month for April 2017…..but to be honest, it should be “Product of the Year”!


There is a huge correlation between your mental health and your gut health. If you have been struggling with moods that resemble a roller coaster ride, or IBS-type symptoms in your belly here is what you need to know about your GUT and the connection it has with your MOOD!!!


DID YOU KNOW….that stress causes tummy pains? bloating? cramping? constipation? diarrhea?

HAVE YOU NOTICED…that when you feel uncomfortable about something, sometimes your tummy will get upset too (shock, grief, surprise, nervousness, anxious)….?

DID YOU KNOW …. that the gut is called the “second brain” because it contains the same neuro-receptors that the brain has – meaning we can literally FEEL our emotions in our gut?


The gut has a mind of its own, the “enteric nervous system”. Just like the brain in our head this system sends and receives information via neuro transmitters, notices and records experiences and responds to our emotions. Its nerve cells are influenced by the same neurotransmitters, and it interprets them with the same neuro receptors. The gut can upset the brain just as the brain can upset the gut.

SO WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? It means that when you feel sad in your head, you feel sad in your gut (cramping, pain, bloating, upset digestion etc) and when you feel upset in your gut, you feel upset in your head (anxiety, depression, brain fog, moody)!

HOW CAN YOU FIX THIS? Well doctors have been prescribing anti depressants for years now, and seeing a link between tummy issues settling down, when mind issues settle down. So if you want to go halfway (or more!) to helping your ENTIRE body and mind to feel better, you need to address your GUT!!!

Of course I believe that a diet rich in plant based foods, probiotics, pre biotics and loads of pure water is the FIRST step in maintaining gut health and mind health. However sometimes the effect of the food chemicals and water contamination can wreak havoc in our body – so we need a little extra help.

That is where Digestzen comes in….it is a blend of tummy-taming oils such as ginger, caraway, fennel, peppermint..that helps to restore balance and soothe even the most irritable of tummies. 

Take 1 drop of Digestzen daily for at least 10 days to jump-start your gut into feeling more balanced and calm. Then if you see improvement use 1 drop as needed at first sign of tummy upset. (Ps also VERY helpful for burping / heart burn type issues).

You can also rub 1 drop on your tummy at first sign of pain due to food you’ve eaten causing upsets. (Remember that even healthy food can cause upsets – it is your body’s way of trying to tell you something is out of balance!)

For kids, dilute 1 drop in 10ml carrier oil and rub in a clockwise direction on their tummy.
You can also do a soothing foot rub on the soles of the feet with Digestzen too (in reflexology the large and small intestine points are located on the space between the heal and the ball of foot).

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