Robin has a diploma of remedial massage from the NSW School of Massage and is a Reiki Master Practitioner and has been working as a professional therapist since 2000. During her career Robin has worked at a chiropractic clinic, health club, holistic centre and private mobile practice.

Robin is qualified in Advanced Remedial Massage and can offer a range of massage styles.
These include:
Hot Stone Massage and
Advanced Heartworks Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian Massage).

As an Energy Healer, Robin is passionate about Reiki and Rekindled Ancient Wisdom (RAW form of Kinesiology). Robin discovered the benefits of Reiki in 1998, and became a Reiki Master Practitioner in September 2004. Reiki combines well with all styles of massage and Robin blends her knowledge into each individual treatment, creating a nurturing, healing, balancing and therapeutic effect.

Robin was introduced to Rekindled Ancient Wisdom in 2004, and has completed the highest certification rank – Level 10 –  in August 2012.

Robin says “RAW has changed my life, many blockages, negativity and fears have been released, as it awakens the wisdom within my cells, helping my body to heal itself on all levels. It has helped to fast track where I want to be. My outlook is positive, I have more confidence and I no longer limit myself. RAW enables me to empower myself to help my journey flow with ease. I now embrace the unknown and trust that the universe will provide for all of my needs. I allow myself to live in the present.”

Heartworks Lomi Lomi

An ancient Hawaiian massage that uses fluid and rhythmic movements over the whole body, helps to release stress and tension, leaving you relaxed, calm and energised. On a physical level, this massage works on the muscular, circulatory and lymphatic systems.


Reiki is an ancient form of hands on healing that has been used for thousands of years. Reiki means “Universal Life Force Energy” and is a Japanese word.
Reiki heals on four levels, the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.
A Reiki session is given for the purpose of deep relaxation and stress reduction, which promotes the conditions necessary for the body to heal.
You may also experience some emotional releasing and healing for the days following your Reiki treatments.
Reiki facilitates the release of blocks and tension that cause disease. Reiki promotes development of self awareness of one’s own state and clears one’s mind.
A Reiki treatment is gentle, safe and always creates a healing effect. For maximum benefits, three treatments close together are recommended.

As we heal, all else will follow.
In the spirit of peace and love for the highest good of all.

Rekindled Ancient Wisdom (RAW)

RAW is a form of kinesiology and is a relaxing healing modality, which balances the energies of the Being, allowing blockages that have built up over time, to be gently released. By accessing our own ancient wisdom, we facilitate our own unique healing.
To access this energetic information, muscle testing, scan lists and symbols are used. Blockages manifesting as pain, stress, confusion etc, are highlighted and corrected.
This balancing process energetically reprograms the Being promoting change from negativity, fears, stresses etc to peace and wisdom within our own cells. This peace in turn allows ease of progression along our own path.
There are many balances within the ten levels, you can even balance your car, house, or business with Rekindled Ancient Wisdom.



My therapist was Robin and I must say she was absolutely great. Her energy was really positive and healing. I found the massage not only relaxing but I also felt relief from any normal pregnancy discomfort I may have been experiencing.I have been highly recommending The Belle Flowers to all of my pregnant family and friends. I will definitely be back!

More than just massage – Robin combines her wholistic approach to mind/body/spirit
wellness into every treatment.