Remedial Massage

Belle’s approach to Remedial Massage comes from over 5,000hrs of hands-on experience.

When in-depth knowledge of human anatomy, training in biomechanics and exercise physiology, combined with intuitive abilities – you have a powerful treatment.

Remedial Massage is the benchmark in healing massage therapies. You will be assessed for range of movement, posture, and also the degree of pain you are experiencing.
Using techniques Belle has mastered over her twenty year career, your body will come back into alignment and balance in just a few treatments.
Many people attend 3 times in the first instance, and then return monthly or every quarter for a ‘top up’ to realign any imbalances.

Belle offers holistic energy healing therapies during each session where necessary.

Did you know that your aches and pains in your body could be a warning sign of your thought patterns, or belief systems?

During your remedial massage Belle will assess your energy body and help you to release energy patterns that cause you to feel pain, stiffness and achiness.

For physical wellbeing:

Deep Tissue
Postural Correction

1hr $150
Health fund rebates available.

I thank you for those miracle hands that have reduced the pain in my lower back & neck. I rolled out of bed this morning thinking “Oh wow that didn’t hurt!” Thank you heaps xx

Vicky, Engadine.

I came to you for shoulder pain when I couldn’t put my own bra on. And now after you did those energy things I am feeling much better. I went to a physio for 3 months, and you fixed it in 2 sessions. Thank you.

Helen, Heathcote