Pregnancy Massage

Look no further, you’ve found your expert Pregnancy massage therapist…

With twenty-two years of experience working with pregnant women, you are in safe hands.
My specialist Pregnancy massage clinic was the first of its kind in The Shire and the greater Sydney area. Over the years I have developed and crafted my approach to helping pregnant women to feel amazing; trained many massage therapists; and led the way to pregnancy massage becoming a “mainstream” and necessary part of antenatal care.  

For many women, pregnancy massage is a need not a want.


I believe in giving the best to my clients. My deluxe massage table features the unique ‘belly hole’ and is extra wide and extra comfy for the ultimate in support, safety and comfort (NOT a belly cushion)

The hole is located just under the top layer of the table (you can’t see it, but it will move your bump into the perfect position) – very supportive for baby and belly. You really need to experience a massage on this table to appreciate it. This is the only pregnancy massage table of its kind in  Australia.

pregnancy massage table

My massages are so much more than just the “hands-on” treatment – I can support you where you are at physically, emotionally and mentally.

If you would prefer to have a deeply relaxing experience I can put you to sleep as well – just let me know what you need.

Remedial Massage is proven to help ease pain, plus help with: 

  • Lower back and buttock pain
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Migraines & Headaches
  • Pelvic instability pain (pubis symphysis dysfunction)
  • Swelling in lower legs (and that general feeling of heaviness that is common to most pregnant women)
  • Wrist pain (carpal tunnel)
  • Mid back pain
  • Pain referred around the rib cage
  • Pain between the shoulder blades
  • “lightening crutch”
  • Round Ligament Pain Protocol – developed by Belle, with incredible results.