New Year ReBalance Package

New Year Re-balance Package

Begin 2017 with confidence, clarity and focus by choosing to put yourself first and restoring your health and wellness.

Imagine if you could …..
feel good each day when you wake up
have a clear focus of what you want for your life
identify and remove blockages holding you back from success (relationships, career, money)
identify and release underlying causes of chronic conditions/illnesses
step out from the dark cloud of depression
say goodbye to anxiety and panic attacks
go to bed each night knowing you are satisfied with your life

Your health may have deteriorated from years of holding negative emotions, from past trauma or discontent.
A Rebalance session will help get you back to feeling good again.

We work on Physical and Emotional issues such as:
Physical: sore joints/muscles, recurrent injuries, headaches, IBS-issues, chronic illness, post illness recovery etc
Emotional: depression, anxiety, panic, fear, mood swings, feeling unloved, lack of self confidence, feeling stuck or blocked, or unable to move forward.

What to expect in a  Rebalance session:
* full body scan for energetic toxicity, immune system and organ function
Heart Wall identification and removal
* clearing of energetic blocks to health, wellness and vitality for body and mind.
* plus relaxation meditations to help you feel more relaxed and calm.


SILVER $149 (save $50)
1 x 1hr&30min Rebalance session (great intro package)
* includes full body scan and assessment
* Focus on 2 current issues (one physical and one emotional)
* includes aroma supportive therapy for you to take home
* supportive advice on how to best help your body to heal itself after your session

PLATINUM $397 (save $51) 
3 x 60mins Rebalance Sessions (optimal package for deeper healing)
* includes initial body scan
* laser-focused clearing sessions (usually 2 issues per session)

* includes aroma supportive therapy for you to take home
* plus Heart Wall identification and removal (these are the blocks to happiness in relationships/career/creativity)
As a PLatiunum client you will receive Priority Booking either fortnightly or monthly, to ensure continuity of care and healing
*payment plan available on application

Without the emotional baggage of the past you will feel lighter, clearer and have more energy for NOW! Letting go of energetic toxicity can be a transformative experience – right from the first appointment. But you need to be OPEN, WILLING and READY for 2017 to be the BEST year of your life!

Call Belle on 0481 242 942 to book your Rebalance session and start feeling better!