Intuitive Healing Massage

This is the beautiful alignment of guided spiritual healing with soothing deep tissue massage.

Belle brings you into sacred space with your guides and light beings to fully support you as you surrender to peace and relaxation.

In this space there is only healing, and you will receive that which serves your highest and best purposes.

Belle uses all her healing tools as guided by your higher self and her healing team of guides and angels.

Using crystal therapy, reiki, ashati, alsemia, Emotion Code, Body Code and of course remedial or Swedish massage to allow you to fully relax into receiving all that you need.

Each session finished with an oracle car reading to help you integrate your treatment.


wow. just wow. exactly what I needed to unwind and relax. I never relax in a massaage and I think I floated somewhere else. Thank you. Just thank you.

(Karen – high stress work environment, chronic aches and pains, and wanting to connect with her spiritual aspects.)