Healing 4 Healers

If you are a healer, light-worker, health practitioner or allied health therapist, YOU need someone who understands your calling and passion for the work you do.

All of us need a healer to lean on – YES even healers.
Never before has there been a more desperate need for healers and light workers and natural health practitioners to share their light with the world.

However many of us are feeling overworked and have to turn people away, or put them on a waiting list due to HIGH demand for support with anxiety, depression and fear. This puts a strain on the health and well-being worker, and means that they too can fall into fatigue, burnout, and feel ungrounded.

As a healer it is important to make self care a regular priority. Not once per month, but on a daily basis. Quite often it is limiting beliefs and unconscious unresolved karma that causes healers to put themselves last under the belief that “I have to keep looking after others” . Choosing to care for self with another healer means it will be support to what you already do for yourself. With a guide or mentor, you are able to shine a light on areas that you may miss.

Belle can work with you in whatever way you need in order to feel supported, full of energy and maintain your alignment.
Many healers engage in regular bodywork therapy like Aromatouch massage in order to physically shift the body to release.
Others have clearings and chakra balancing to “top up” what you are already doing on a daily basis.
And all receive channeled guided meditations and healing in sacred space.

Sometimes your clients tell you things that are heavy and you need to be able to debrief and release the energy associated with your healing work. Working with Belle will allow you to release and let go of energy accumulated, of feeling carer’s fatigue, and help you to stay in alignment.

Belle is passionate about caring for other healers, as she herself has needed support many times in her career but traditional psychologists and counselors just don’t understand energy healing and all it entails sometimes!

So she developed her own technique of isolating and deleting associated energy strands with her clients – which she now teaches to other health / well-being practitioners.

As you care for self, you lift your vibration. This becomes a powerful attractor force that calls more clients that need what you offer, to find you.

Perhaps you need to get on track with your business and need someone who understands being self employed, working in a spiritual practice and trying to mange masculine and feminine energies?
Accountability Coaching for 3 months may be more what you need?

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