Find Your Core Values


Do you feel like you are STUCK and can’t move forward in to the life of your DREAMS?

Do you have an idea of how to live your best life, but are feeling like there is something holding you back?

Has there been this feeling within you for a while now that you need …..something different….but you don’t know what that is?


These feelings are ALL TOO FAMILIAR to me! They often come at periods where I also start to feel  bored and like I am not living my life at 100%. Do you feel like that?
The feelings I get are this deep down irritation, where I feel like I need to wriggle my way through a small under ground cave that is narrow and dark and scary. LOL! I know, dramatic, but I think in pictures!

What helps me to shake these feeling when they come up is to go back to making sure I am living from my Core Values. Most people can’t verbally express what their Core Values are – they have a feeling of what they are, and they will certainly know what they are when prompted with examples, but most people can’t put them into words.

The difference between the truly successful and satisfied people and yourself, is that they have learned the skill of checking in with their Core Values – regularly – and being able to hold them in the front of their mind. Once you know what they are, then you can use them as your baseline for every situation you find yourself in and choice you need to make.
Your Core Values will make you feel excited, motivated, peaceful, happy, content, inspired etc

So when you know what you are working from, you can then size up anyone or anything to make sure they fit inside your value system.


Let me give you an example:
Let’s say my Core Values are – Adventure, Trust, Peace, Friendship and Solitude (a mixed bag here!)
These are important to me in this particular period of my life (remember your Core Values will change, kind of like seasons change.) So let’s say I am hating my job. I mean, I wake up every morning and I dread rolling out of bed. I am sad as I have to leave and as I take the train into work each day I get cranky with the fellow travellers. My boss I cannot stand, and I have nothing in common with my co-workers and I don’t engage with them. (this sounds awful!)
My job is at a desk and I am an analyst so I don’t talk to anyone all day, I just work from a PC.

Let’s look at my Core Values again: Adventure, Trust, Peace, Friendship and Solitude
In this particular scenario I can see that “solitude” lines up – which is why I probably picked this role to begin with.
Adventure….? Um that’s a “no”. There is none of that here.
Peace….? There is peace in the fact I talk to no-one, but I don’t feel peaceful in my spirit.
Trust….? I don’t know my co-workers. So there is no trust. Only in myself.
Friendship….? That’s a clear “no”.

So from this example I can see that I know why I picked this job, and that perhaps it has run its season? I now know why I am miserable every day, and I know what I am looking for in a job that I apply for.

So then I need to MANIFEST what kind of job I want to work in….(we will cover MANIFESTING next time)

So now it is up to YOU – click on the link below and work thru the booklet to find your Core Values and start living your life on purpose!



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