Energy Healing – Fertility Support


For some couples, starting a family can be frustrating, heart breaking and an emotionally painful time. When a couple has been trying for years without success, they can become more and more disillusioned. What seems so easy for other couples, becomes the main focus of their lives, often robbing the joy and excitement from what is normally an amazing time in a couple’s life. Stress is known to cause blockages and disharmony and disease – and the stress of infertility is in itself a block to becoming pregnant. 

IVF and specialists, and tests and medications are very expensive, which causes more and more stress on the couple, especially after many rounds without success, or losses. 

There can be any number of reasons why pregnancy does not occur naturally, and if you have had all the medical tests, and they declare there is “no medical reason” why you cannot fall pregnant, and remain pregnant, then perhaps the issue is energy?

Are you looking for a non-invasive, energy-healing addition to your current fertility regime?


Releasing blocks to a successful pregnancy can be achieved with Emotion/Body Code technique to identify and remove the emotional, physical or energetic blockages stopping you falling pregnant and staying pregnant.

Belle offers a compassionate and confidential approach to those couples wanting to fall pregnant, and stay pregnant and deliver a healthy bub. Whilst no guarantee can be given for pregnancy to be successful, there are many clients who can report they fell pregnant and delivered a healthy bub after they experienced treatments where the blocked energy was released.
There may be ancestral blockages stopping the process, and these blocks you may not even be aware of. This kind of energy work allows an insight deep into the many layers of the whole body, and empowers the receiver to be fully responsible for themselves. 



What to expect:

COUPLES: To achieve optimal results ideally both partners will attend all sessions in order to release blockages from them both, as the emotional and physical body needs to be balanced in both partner.
Your first session will be together (90mins) and then two individual (60min) sessions each month.

Total sessions: 5

Total package: $997 (per couple)


INDIVIDUAL: You will attend an initial session of 90mins and then 3 x 60min sessions in a period of 3 months. 

Total package: $797


What can you do in the meantime?

Drink more water – this is such an easy, yet underrated way to achieve balance in the body

Lower your caffeine intake (mold-free coffee is okay at 2 cups per day – search online for Bulletproof Coffee)

Stop using recreational drugs

Increase your intake of Omega 3 (I recommend doTERRA xEO MEga

Stop using pain killers, as these may interfere with your hormones. Book a massage instead, to naturally soothe pain.

Attend a yoga or meditation class every week.

Practice deep breathing and mindfulness every day

Lose weight – just a 5% drop in body weight can increase your chances of falling pregnant by 25%

Eat more plants, halve the amount of meat you eat

Eat less “packaged” foods 

Have sex. No seriously. Have delicious, yummy, steamy sex…..turn off the tv, stop binge watching shows, and set aside some time each week for the love. Honestly, the month after month of disappointment will take its toll on both of you. So try scheduling time for real love making – not baby making. Have a glass of wine (not two), enjoy a meal you have both cooked, and then  give each other a massage. I love using Ylang Ylang oil for massage. Turn on some music that is moody and sultry. Try a Tantra class. Read a book about making love (David Deida is a good start)

Use Essential Oils for hormonal support:

Use essential oils for increasing balance and supporting hormones in the body. We suggest using Clary Calm by doterra for hormonal support, and using a de-stressing blend called Serenity/Lavender Peace every night to help you sleep better. Frankincense is known as The King of the Oils and 1 drop under the tongue daily is purported to bring balance back to a person – great for men. Whisper blend is the Oil of Femininity and will assist you healing those mother wounds, and rebalance feminine energy – especially here it has become over run by masculine energy. Geranium is a wonderful oil to add to your daily regime, by using as a perfume, known as the Oil of Love and Trust, it will assist you on an emotional level to heal, trust and forgive, whilst keeping an open heart. This oil blends well with Ylang Ylang for the bedroom romps.

More about The Emotion Code from the web: 

” On the other hand energy medicine, and especially The Emotion Code,  encourages us to not only fully heal by finding the root cause of our dis-ease and unhappiness, on every level,  but it also encourages us to take responsibility for our lives, health and spiritual journey. It is about empowerment not dis-empowerment! It is about Love not Fear. It is about finding out who we truly are and who we truly wish to become.” Jude Hubbard

Birth, Infertility, Morning Sickness and more – Synergy Baby Doula

Each emotion has its own distinct vibrational frequency that we feel in our body. Think of the physical sensations of love, bliss, faith, excitement, anger, guilt, shame, or insecurity. Each day we feel countless emotions and their vibrations pass through and dissipate. We feel the emotion. We let it go. That’s how it’s meant to be. But what happens when we experience particularly difficult, traumatic, or strongly felt emotions, things we can’t let go or don’t know how to process? We develop emotional baggage. The energetic vibrations of those emotions become lodged in the tissues and organs of our bodies where they remain, causing disruptions in the natural flow of energy through our meridians.” Melinda Lippert