Dragging in energy? Choose 3 basic steps to feeling better!

Is your energy lagging?
Do you wake up often feeling like you are dragging yourself thru your day?

Sure, you may get some energy moving AFTER coffee, AFTER a shower, AFTER exercising..but how would it feel if you felt good BEFORE doing anything?

There are 3 EASY and available changes you can make to your daily lifestyle and see benefits NOW!


The food we eat, the air we breathe and the water we drink all hold chemicals and pollution that our body needs to process – this takes energy.
Let’s break this down:


1. The food we eat – come on, be honest, the food you eat isn’t always actually food is it? The stuff that comes out of a box is HIGHLY processed, sometimes in a lab, and so contains synthetic ingredients that your body doesn’t even recognise.
Your body needs to process this – and that takes energy.
If you are fighting a cold or flu or some other infection, and you eat food that takes effort to process….even “real food” that is heavy and stodgy takes time to process, it takes energy away from your immune response……so TIP: when you are sick, eat lighter, lightly cooked food in smaller amounts. Give your body the fuel and nutrients it needs without the loading.

2. The air we breathe – pollution is part of life. Some people sit in doors in air con 38 hrs per week. Others are in traffic driving (or exercising) for an hour or so per day. Others smoke. (no judgement here.) So to counteract the effect that breathing this air has on our bodies, it is good to support the liver (the organ that filters your blood) and the lungs (this organ is obvious – right?)
Getting out into nature – AWAY from cars, is the best remedy! Into the countryside, or the beach or lake areas. Breathing deeply, expading the lungs, allowing the body to take a FULL and CONSCIOUS inhale – ahhhhhh I’m relaxed just writing it!

3.The water we drink – if you are anything like me, you need to force yourself to drink more clean, pure water! This is a hard one for people who are busy, or people who use their hands for work (massage therapists! typists, drivers etc). I like to get a big jug and fill it with water and a drop of lemon oil to purify it…and then I have a little competition with myself to see how much I can drink before I go home! (hey, whatever works!)
I love Earl Grey tea…and so sometimes I will drink 2 cups in the morning, before realising I haven’t had any water yet.

When I was really unwell with glandular fever, I could hardly be bothered to drink – I had ZERO energy, and a really sore throat. But what I did find is that some days were a LOT better…when I realised it was the days I drank over 2L of water, I was able to sit at the dinner table with the kids, or engage in conversations where I actually smiled (smiling and talking took too much energy on my worst days).
But I digress…..if you have excuses such as “I don’t like the taste of water”…I’m sorry – get over it. That excuse is for kids. Your taste buds will adjust – TBH you probably have too much sugar in your diet which is dulling your taste buds. That excuse is ridiculous. You don’t drink water for taste, you drink water to hydrate your body. Your body will not function properly – it will be sub-par – if you don’t drink enough water. If you don’t care for the taste, that translates to me as “I don’t care enough for myself, to do basic – minimum – things to help myself get to a better place of wellness.”
Water is readily available. It is a no brainer – if you want to feel better – drink purified water – and reduce the coffee/tea and sugar and milk.

I was never a fan of taking supplements until I got really sick. I remember laying on the couch writhing in full body agony (glandular fever was a horrible illness!) and I started to think about what I could possibly take to make myself feel better. I started to look up doTERRA’s Life Long Vitality range of supplements. I’m traditionally not a supplement fan – I prefer to eat balanced meals and drink water. However I did lots of reading and realised that if I am out of balance – clearly I was very unwell – then I should be doing everything I can to get myself into wellness and stay in wellness (EVERYONE was telling me I had to be careful I didn’t develop chronic fatigue).
So being an Oily doTERRA girl already, I thought I would give the LLV supplements a try – I mean, what did I have to lose? They arrived 4 days later and I started taking the max dose advised every day. I recovered from my second attack of GF and I took a before and after video of my progress in a month! It was quite telling the difference in my entire being.
I’m not saying LLV cured me, but I am saying it helped strengthen my body to fight a virus that was taking me down.
I believe taking supplements for at least 3mths is the best option. Then you can truly track your progress each month, and see if you have different sleep cycles, cravings, menstrual cycles, mood states and energy levels. For me, I was able to see a marked difference.
GOOD NEWS – Aussies can NOW order LLV from our Aussie warehouse each month (translation: it is cheaper postage and no exchange rate!).


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